Friday, October 05, 2007

A Great Ending to this Beautiful Friday!

I don't talk about people that I work with (much) but I think today is a day I need to mention one man in particular.

For starters, i've been blessed with a job where I'm surrounded by Testosterone all day. Its me... and all these men. I'm the only chick in our area and it makes for me being a little spoiled (I know it and i'll accept it). They are all such good guys and I love working with them. They make work so, ummmm.... interesting. haha

Anyways, one of the guys in particular is an older gentleman from Ireland. He has a heart of gold and is most precious. However, for the past year he's been sick off and on and the doctors have not been able to find exactly what's going on with him. This last episode occured Labor Day weekend and he fell deathly ill which landed himself in the hospital.... in surgery.

They finally found the culprit to the stomach problems and why he was requiring so many pints (gallons almost) of blood - for no apparent reason. He has a growth that had to come out.... plus it had lymph nodes attached. Things did not look good at the time. He spent several weeks in the hospital where he had one major setback that scared us all.... God saved that boy! He was seriously sick! An infection had set in and they packed him in ice and wheeled him off for emergency procedures (not clear on details).

For weeks he's been trying to bounce back, and today he called me to give me an update. He was chipper and full of energy! He sounded like our guy! He'd gotten a clean bill of health from one physician and meets with another one this week to be checked out. It appears as if they got all the growth out and so no more procedures will need to be done and possibly no treatments at all! We're so excited for him and so ready to have him back at work! We're all jumping for joy.

It's hard when one of your coworkers is out for so long. Not only do we miss him because he have to make adjustments in the office, but we miss him. We miss his sparkling personality and the flavor he adds to our people mix. I'm hoping he gets back to us in a couple of weeks!!! I'm so excited I had to share!

You guys have a great weekend!!!

Random Burp in the Universe

A coworker was overheard announcing his cog status in the scheme of things as he walked by my office Thursday morning. :)'s Quotes from an Animal Romance Novel

"'The muscular ram grabbed her by the wooly tuft on the back of her neck and with a sinful gleam in his eye said, "You've been a very baa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aad girl.'"

"Squeezing his octopus companion tightly with his tentacles, Oliver felt shame as he prematurely released his ink."

"Polly's new man was like all the others. He never seemed to ask what she really wanted, choosing instead to insistently repeat his offer of a cracker."

"He didn't need the love of a female. He didn't need a male, either, for that matter. He was a worm. He had it all."

"Every antenna went up when she entered the burrow. She was one millipede with legs that wouldn't quit."

"'Heartbroken at Rex's departure, Fifi threw herself to the ground next to their special tree. Suddenly, she smelled the most beautiful love letter she'd ever received. 'Be of good cheer, my love,' said Rex's urine."

Well gang, tomorrow is the long-awaited, much-anticipated Oktoberfest, and the weather looks to be downright spectacular (if not a tad on the warm side with a slight chance of t-storms). I can't quite explain why I feel compelled to be there, but it has something to do with the proper kickoff to fall frolics. Here’s hoping I manage to stay upright for the duration and incur no further embarrassment, but just to be on the safe side, K needs to bring her sketch pad. Stay tuned for pics and in conclusion, Prost!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mooch Madness

I am so disgusted with moochers that take advantage of their other peoples good nature and generosity. Though TBC has many faults, he lends his clean, well-maintained shirt off his back and gives freely of his time and assets, usually to his detriment. I’m not quite that soft of a touch and though kind and considerate, exhibit more of a wary, reserved nature. In my opinion, if a person consistently makes piss-poor decisions and squanders resources, it is doing them no favor to forever pull them out of jams of their own making. Needless to say, the true solution would be that they learn to prioritize their funds rather than constantly be rescued by expected hand-outs.

Anywho, I cannot enumerate all the times TBC has lent equipment, tools, etc. to any friends or family that request it. Just last Saturday, he lent his trailer thingy (its correct name escapes me) to our bro-in-law to haul a vehicle to a drag race and practically before its wheels lurched to a halt in our yard was once again borrowed on Sunday by his Nutjob cousin! (It is still MIA.) Most of the time, our possessions come back broken or on empty, if and when borrowers bother to return them at all. Usually TBC has to spend needless time and effort in retrieving them himself. I guess the moral here is if you buy any equipment, others will figure its open season for borrowing because they surely aren’t going to spend the bucks themselves when they know you are the Lending Library of T(F)ools. We need to have a big bulletin board or something showing the culprit’s name and date borrowed complete with a legal document listing the somber consequences and severe ramifications should said item return in anything less than mint condition. Or better yet, once again employ the wise adage: “Just Say NO.”

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

An Ill Note

I'm suffering from the most brutal stomach virus. It kept Richard and I up all night long...with me running to and from the bathroom. With each drink of water I'd make two trips to the bathroom to 'get it out'. And it wasnt pretty. What went in... came out in one way or another.

So, first thing this morning we headed to the hospital. Yesterday my OBGYN told me to head straight to the hospital if things turned worse because dehydration is going to cause me lots of problems being preggers and all. After a night of craps and a morning of throwing up my heels... we decided it's time.

I was only slightly dehydrated but they monitered me for hours and gave me some good drugs to help keep food down and control exiting liquids. We also watched as I had some pretty big contractions! Wowza!

I feel better as far as the stomach virus is concerned. I'm now extremely tired and hot! Gotta go hit the couch again.... tah-tah!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Ach Toe Burr

Our son, BW, managed to misplace his flea collar and as he’s been in dire need of a regular version, I bought him a handsome black one festooned with rhinestones for his fuzzy, nekkid neck. He looks magnificent if not a trifle effeminate. I do hope he didn’t have to endure a lot of feline heckling later in the day when he made his outdoor appearance sporting this new fou-fou accessory. I could have sworn I heard Stubbly snickering behind his massive paws. Course, this is the guy wearing a rugged, he-cat, Harley collar so I suppose he has valid reason to chuckle.

In yet another salute to autumn, I bring you my list of Ten Things I Adore about Fabulous, Fantastic Fall.

Warm sweaters
Apple cider
Spiced wine
Colorful leaves
Candy corn
Toasted marshmallows
Cool, crisp days
Hot cocoa

And here is a list of recent searches that led hapless minions to our helpful, informative, and apparently penis-savvy site. :)

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some People Just Should Not Speak

Some people are so rude.

This afternoon I was headed to P's soccer game and one of my friends hollered at me so I stopped to talk to her. She asked about Lil November and rubbed on my belly and we got to chatting about baby things. She's going to give me some of her baby's toys and play pen! Well anyways, the lady sitting next to her (who was not invited into this conversation, but joined on her own) asked "oh! Is this your first baby!?" I said 'no, it's my third'.

She responds with "oh! That weight won't come off." Just as stone cold as she possibly could... she said that to me.

So, I respond with "it will one way or another!"

Meanass lady, "with my first one it just fell off, but the second one I struggled with, of course I was 30 when I had him/her, but that third one probably won't come off"
I was ready to rip into her psycho meanass but I didnt... I just said "I'm not too concerned about it. I know how to get the baby fat off".

UGH. MEAN MEAN MEAN! I dismissed myself and stomped on down to the end of spectators where Richard and another little friend were sitting and proceeded to tell them about meanass lady. Appalled! They were simply appalled at the nerve of her! They both agreed that it was uncalled for.. and of course 'dont worry about it Kerry, you will be fine'. But still! How mean is that!?!?