Friday, October 05, 2007

A Great Ending to this Beautiful Friday!

I don't talk about people that I work with (much) but I think today is a day I need to mention one man in particular.

For starters, i've been blessed with a job where I'm surrounded by Testosterone all day. Its me... and all these men. I'm the only chick in our area and it makes for me being a little spoiled (I know it and i'll accept it). They are all such good guys and I love working with them. They make work so, ummmm.... interesting. haha

Anyways, one of the guys in particular is an older gentleman from Ireland. He has a heart of gold and is most precious. However, for the past year he's been sick off and on and the doctors have not been able to find exactly what's going on with him. This last episode occured Labor Day weekend and he fell deathly ill which landed himself in the hospital.... in surgery.

They finally found the culprit to the stomach problems and why he was requiring so many pints (gallons almost) of blood - for no apparent reason. He has a growth that had to come out.... plus it had lymph nodes attached. Things did not look good at the time. He spent several weeks in the hospital where he had one major setback that scared us all.... God saved that boy! He was seriously sick! An infection had set in and they packed him in ice and wheeled him off for emergency procedures (not clear on details).

For weeks he's been trying to bounce back, and today he called me to give me an update. He was chipper and full of energy! He sounded like our guy! He'd gotten a clean bill of health from one physician and meets with another one this week to be checked out. It appears as if they got all the growth out and so no more procedures will need to be done and possibly no treatments at all! We're so excited for him and so ready to have him back at work! We're all jumping for joy.

It's hard when one of your coworkers is out for so long. Not only do we miss him because he have to make adjustments in the office, but we miss him. We miss his sparkling personality and the flavor he adds to our people mix. I'm hoping he gets back to us in a couple of weeks!!! I'm so excited I had to share!

You guys have a great weekend!!!


TC said...

Awww, I love good news like that :)

Angela said...

That is great for him.

Guilty Secret said...

Aw, that is great. Having great colleagues is a wonderful thing.

CruiserMel said...

"They finally found the culprit to the stomach problems and why he was requiring so many pints (gallons almost) of blood" = my brain immediately went to the fact that this guy is Irish so naturally, I read this as "pints (gallons almost) of beer." Sometimes, I scare myself.

I work in an all male office, too - and there's only 6 of us - so if any one of us has a scare, it scares us all. Don't ya love that? People are so jealous of that.