Friday, October 05, 2007

Random Burp in the Universe

A coworker was overheard announcing his cog status in the scheme of things as he walked by my office Thursday morning. :)'s Quotes from an Animal Romance Novel

"'The muscular ram grabbed her by the wooly tuft on the back of her neck and with a sinful gleam in his eye said, "You've been a very baa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aad girl.'"

"Squeezing his octopus companion tightly with his tentacles, Oliver felt shame as he prematurely released his ink."

"Polly's new man was like all the others. He never seemed to ask what she really wanted, choosing instead to insistently repeat his offer of a cracker."

"He didn't need the love of a female. He didn't need a male, either, for that matter. He was a worm. He had it all."

"Every antenna went up when she entered the burrow. She was one millipede with legs that wouldn't quit."

"'Heartbroken at Rex's departure, Fifi threw herself to the ground next to their special tree. Suddenly, she smelled the most beautiful love letter she'd ever received. 'Be of good cheer, my love,' said Rex's urine."

Well gang, tomorrow is the long-awaited, much-anticipated Oktoberfest, and the weather looks to be downright spectacular (if not a tad on the warm side with a slight chance of t-storms). I can't quite explain why I feel compelled to be there, but it has something to do with the proper kickoff to fall frolics. Here’s hoping I manage to stay upright for the duration and incur no further embarrassment, but just to be on the safe side, K needs to bring her sketch pad. Stay tuned for pics and in conclusion, Prost!


Bone said...

He was a worm. He had it all

Oh, how I've missed the Top Five's!!

(Was that a little too excited?)

Have a wonderful weekend, Ms. Circe.

Circe said...

I've missed them too! The problem is (IMHO) that they haven't been as funny recently, and so I rarely post them. For this list, it's actually a combo of Part I and II from a list from '03. I'll try to remember to share them occasionally. :)


TC said...

"Squeezing his octopus companion tightly with his tentacles, Oliver felt shame as he prematurely released his ink."


Enjoy yourself this weekend and be prepared to share some stories! :)

Circe said...

TC--I hope to take pics of the Pumpkin beer if they serve it again this year. And also the ill-fated mound that aided in my red-faced slippage 'incident' from last year. I am praying the gals working the beer garden are not the same from last year. The chances of me buying a funnel cake are slim. :)