Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mooch Madness

I am so disgusted with moochers that take advantage of their other peoples good nature and generosity. Though TBC has many faults, he lends his clean, well-maintained shirt off his back and gives freely of his time and assets, usually to his detriment. I’m not quite that soft of a touch and though kind and considerate, exhibit more of a wary, reserved nature. In my opinion, if a person consistently makes piss-poor decisions and squanders resources, it is doing them no favor to forever pull them out of jams of their own making. Needless to say, the true solution would be that they learn to prioritize their funds rather than constantly be rescued by expected hand-outs.

Anywho, I cannot enumerate all the times TBC has lent equipment, tools, etc. to any friends or family that request it. Just last Saturday, he lent his trailer thingy (its correct name escapes me) to our bro-in-law to haul a vehicle to a drag race and practically before its wheels lurched to a halt in our yard was once again borrowed on Sunday by his Nutjob cousin! (It is still MIA.) Most of the time, our possessions come back broken or on empty, if and when borrowers bother to return them at all. Usually TBC has to spend needless time and effort in retrieving them himself. I guess the moral here is if you buy any equipment, others will figure its open season for borrowing because they surely aren’t going to spend the bucks themselves when they know you are the Lending Library of T(F)ools. We need to have a big bulletin board or something showing the culprit’s name and date borrowed complete with a legal document listing the somber consequences and severe ramifications should said item return in anything less than mint condition. Or better yet, once again employ the wise adage: “Just Say NO.”


Wombat said...

More fun might be taking cash deposits for all loaned items.

Full value, too.

Watch the borrower's faces when told.

*laughs like Muttley*

Circe said...

Wombat--A very good idea because the freeloader train needs to be stopped before I blow a gasket. :)

A sigh saying, "You break it, you've bought it" might be a nice touch also...

Sgt said...

I had a friend return something to me once broken and said "sorry man, it broke when I was doing {whatever it was}". No, I'll replace it or indentured servant payment plan... just "sorry man". I guess at least he told me, I've opened up things months later only to find something broke or missing.

I like the idea of the legal document, that or attach those little folder things like in library books to everything and sign them out.

Maybe even levy a $0.05 per day fine when they are late :-)