Tuesday, October 02, 2007

An Ill Note

I'm suffering from the most brutal stomach virus. It kept Richard and I up all night long...with me running to and from the bathroom. With each drink of water I'd make two trips to the bathroom to 'get it out'. And it wasnt pretty. What went in... came out in one way or another.

So, first thing this morning we headed to the hospital. Yesterday my OBGYN told me to head straight to the hospital if things turned worse because dehydration is going to cause me lots of problems being preggers and all. After a night of craps and a morning of throwing up my heels... we decided it's time.

I was only slightly dehydrated but they monitered me for hours and gave me some good drugs to help keep food down and control exiting liquids. We also watched as I had some pretty big contractions! Wowza!

I feel better as far as the stomach virus is concerned. I'm now extremely tired and hot! Gotta go hit the couch again.... tah-tah!


egan said...

Where did the half naked woman go that used to be the banner on this blog?

How far along are you? Contractions eh? You must be in the 32-38 week range. Glad to hear you're not too sick.

Angela said...

I hope you get feeling better soon. There is nothing worse than fluids going out both ends

Kerry said...

Egan: That's our other blog... Offthetop.us that's where the nudie chick is ;)
I'll be 32 weeks this friday and i'm so ready to get this baby out! This sucks being sick (to my stomach) plus having this big bulge that kicks me around and makes it cramp that much more.

Angela: Thank you... i'm hoping this 24 hour bug - which is now turning into 36 - goes quickly! It wears ya out!

nunu said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well!!! Ain't no fun!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

TC said...


Hope you feel better!

Wombat said...

It's a real toss-up this pregnancy biz Kerry. You get to couch surf, but there is a...shall we say, downside, with the chundering and all.

Still, there's a wonderful prize at the end!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

The stomach flu is the WORST!

I hope you are feeling better now!

egan said...

Okay, thanks for clarifying the blogs and how far along you are. Our neighbor just had their baby boy on Thursday. It's baby central in my hood. Have a good weekend.

CruiserMel said...

OMG, Kerry. Those contraction thingies can be frightening. I guess the little tyke wasn't feeling very good either. I know it's like 2 weeks later, but I assume all is better now.

Kerry said...

I'm doing much better now! I can't help but wonder if that little episode didnt speed things up a bit because I can feel contractions more now than I did before I was sick. I also am not able to drink as much water for some reason... really weird, huh!?

But, i'm feeling good!