Monday, October 01, 2007

Ach Toe Burr

Our son, BW, managed to misplace his flea collar and as he’s been in dire need of a regular version, I bought him a handsome black one festooned with rhinestones for his fuzzy, nekkid neck. He looks magnificent if not a trifle effeminate. I do hope he didn’t have to endure a lot of feline heckling later in the day when he made his outdoor appearance sporting this new fou-fou accessory. I could have sworn I heard Stubbly snickering behind his massive paws. Course, this is the guy wearing a rugged, he-cat, Harley collar so I suppose he has valid reason to chuckle.

In yet another salute to autumn, I bring you my list of Ten Things I Adore about Fabulous, Fantastic Fall.

Warm sweaters
Apple cider
Spiced wine
Colorful leaves
Candy corn
Toasted marshmallows
Cool, crisp days
Hot cocoa

And here is a list of recent searches that led hapless minions to our helpful, informative, and apparently penis-savvy site. :)

ohio state fans are insane
spanking fun 2007
blog rules of engagement for comments
shirtless vincent spano
penis fun
will ferrell glamour shot
deep impact wow
penis's- superbad
gym rat
wedding ring chick magnet
after basketball scratchy throat
dr. jason diamond
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diminutive dictator chocolate
roses have thorn



TC said...

I love your "I love fall" list... except candy corn. Blech!

Burg said...

Ah but I love fall...

So, you two get all the dicks and I get all the crap left over.. (Couldn't help myself with that)

Circe said...

TC--I love it in small doses. I bought a huge bag last year and ODed on and it and have no plans to try that again....

Burg--I think I'll blame Kerbear for the sudden flurry of penis-pursuing inquiries. :)