Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some People Just Should Not Speak

Some people are so rude.

This afternoon I was headed to P's soccer game and one of my friends hollered at me so I stopped to talk to her. She asked about Lil November and rubbed on my belly and we got to chatting about baby things. She's going to give me some of her baby's toys and play pen! Well anyways, the lady sitting next to her (who was not invited into this conversation, but joined on her own) asked "oh! Is this your first baby!?" I said 'no, it's my third'.

She responds with "oh! That weight won't come off." Just as stone cold as she possibly could... she said that to me.

So, I respond with "it will one way or another!"

Meanass lady, "with my first one it just fell off, but the second one I struggled with, of course I was 30 when I had him/her, but that third one probably won't come off"
I was ready to rip into her psycho meanass but I didnt... I just said "I'm not too concerned about it. I know how to get the baby fat off".

UGH. MEAN MEAN MEAN! I dismissed myself and stomped on down to the end of spectators where Richard and another little friend were sitting and proceeded to tell them about meanass lady. Appalled! They were simply appalled at the nerve of her! They both agreed that it was uncalled for.. and of course 'dont worry about it Kerry, you will be fine'. But still! How mean is that!?!?


TC said...



Seriously, no one should hear that. Sounds to me that she's just jealous she was never as cute as you are pregnant! ;-)

Circe said...

I agree with TC! And remember, she doesn't know you and how zealous you are in the gym. Kerbear, don't listen to know you'll shed those extra lbs in a flash!


Richard said...

Don't let it bother you, she's just an obnoxious twit with obviously very little in the way of social skills. You'll get get back to whatever shape you want with no probs.

Kerry said...

*kisses* to all of y'all. I had a nice little response to this typed up earlier, but I suddenly (and I kid you not it was so sudden) got sick at work and closed everything out and headed home.

Each person is different and she probably sat her fat but on the couch and didnt move. She doesnt know me... and i'm more determined now to bounce back better than ever!

Burg said...

What people believe acceptable to say to complete strangers never ceases to amaze me.

However, it has to be said that if a few of those extra pounds stuck around on your otherwise perfect form (I mean, come on, how pregnant are you now and how good do you look?), I wouldn't feel so bad.. :P