Friday, September 28, 2007

Triple Play

Today is a gorgeous, temperate, end of September day, and Friday and payday. You just can’t beat that combo with a stick! I don’t want to ruin this heady feeling by discussing what a quick pit stop the moola makes in my checkbook before it’s off and running in the Bill Paying 500. I hear the whoosh, change the tires and it’s outty...

Yesterday I attend a CPR class to bring me up to speed on the latest lifesaving methods. The class was small but jovial and the instructor, though a pup, was very easy on the eyes. We had a lively and informative two hours but the highlight of the session occurred when the little head popped off the ‘infant’ of a gal in the last row feverishly working to resuscitate it. Though we cracked up laughing, I truly think that action launched a whole new set of problems for the tyke. Anyway, I’m prepared to take offensive action should the need arise but it would help tremendously if you’d secure your noggin first.

With the exception of reveling in the sunshine, the only thing planned for this weekend is possibly boating on Sunday and that may not happen as thunderbloomers are forecast. Saturday looks perfect but K is working on one of her perennial side jobs and won’t be available then. Soooooo, I may end up being a slug which would give me a much needed respite. Next weekend—Oktoberfest! Now that should be a trip (literally).

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TC said...

Cute CPR instructor??? Lucky you! :-)