Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lazy Dazy

"Borrowed" from CruiserMel...

Use one word or a phrase for everything…

1. Yourself: sensitive, sneaky, chameleon
2. Your family: there
3. Your hair: blonde
4. Your Mother: deceased
5. Your Father: my hero
6. Your favorite item: cell phone
7. Your dream last night: totally forgotten
8. Your favorite drink: wine
9. Your dream home: spacious and two-story
10. The room you are in: office
11. Your ex: do BFs count?
12. Your fear: so many
13. Where you want to be in ten years: alive
14. Who you hung out with last night: TBC and BW (cat)
15. What you’re not: perfect
16. Your best friend(s): sis
17. One of your wish list items: new treadmill
18. Your gender: female
19. The last thing you did: checked email
20. What you are wearing: a berry-colored suit
21. Your favorite weather: sunny and 80 degrees
22. Your favorite book: classics
23. Last thing you ate: Jello vanilla pudding
24. Your life: ever-changing
25. Your mood: mixed
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: an instructor
27. Who you are thinking about right now: K
28. Your best friend(s): a repeat question!
29. Your car: me in it driving home
30. What you’re doing at the moment: at work and emailing Kerbear
31. Your summer: soaking up the sunshine
32. Your relationship status: hitched
33. What’s on TV: no TV in sight, have no clue
34. The weather: sunny and 76 degrees
35. The last time you laughed: about an hour ago reading The Onion

Happy Thursday! :)

Lying, Is That a Man Law?

As I walked in the door to my gym last night, I bumped into Madison... a girl I met while doing Jury Duty in January. We hung together and even served on the same jury, so we chatted alot and learned we lived relatively close in proximity and had alot in common. The gym being one of them. I had no idea what gym she went to though. I asked about her wedding which was just a few weeks ago and how the honeymoon cruise was... she asked about the boys and Richard and other chit chat. The big moment in this whole night was when she said "there's Chris! Over on the ab machine". oh lordy.....

Early last fall I was at the gym working on abs and legs when this tall, very buff black man came up to me and introduced himself. He asked if he could cut in and rotate thru the machine with me. Of course... thats the only proper thing to do. We made small talk (its awkward if you dont) and I learned he was a police officer in the area, not married but has a son. I'm sure there were other topics but after I was done with my sets, I excused myself... never to see him again for months.

About the first of February, I'm on the treadmill with my sister next to me and in walks this guy. He spots me and makes a bee-line to come chat. He stood and talked for a good 20 minutes. I introduced him to my sister, he asked about Richard and the kids (I cant believe he remembered all that), I asked him about his workout... He said he was training for some tri-athalon event in Canada at the end of March and was doing two workouts a day. Then he mentioned that he saw my sis at another gym. She agreed they'd seen each other (so confirmed he does work out alot). After some talk he went on his way.

One day, at the end of the month, I went to spin class after work. I never go to spin on the weekdays because it starts too early and I cant get there.... but for some reason, this particular day I made it. I crawled on a bike and heard this chatter from two girls I was by. The voice sounded soooo familiar and she was talking about her fiance's son and his mother and wedding plans, etc. I looked... it was Madison! I got her attention and we jabbered until class started and more afterwards. The wedding plans were going well and all looked good for the big March 31st event.

The next day, I'm working on biceps when I spot Chris on the machine next to me. He says 'come on... jump in my routine with me'. I tried to turn him down, but with police like force.... I was on my way to a hard core workout routine. I did what he did.... we talked more about work, school, kids... and I asked him if he was married (i already knew the answer but I just had to ask because something was amiss). He just shook his head no. (i'm having a feeling about now...)

Things have been clicking in my head for some time... but today they are really going 100mph. Madison is engaged to a black man. She's blonde hair/blue eyes... and she told me she was in an inter-racial relationship. I also know his name is Chris and he's a police officer because the day of Jury Duty we called him and told him what case we were on.

My 'friend' at the gym is named Chris. He's a police officer, unmarried and talks nothing of a girlfriend or engagement and is training for some tri-athalon thing in Canada which just happens to be the exact same time as Madison's wedding. Coincidence? Could be... but i'm thinking not! I really have this feeling I know both of these people who are getting married and neither know that I know the other!

We finished our workout and headed out. I wished him good luck on his competition.

I haven't seen either of them til last night. As she and I stood at the door talking, she waved over at her new hubby, Chris, and I turned to look at him... and it's Chris alright. The very Chris that has been talking to me... the very one who made no indication of a g/f... he waved with the biggest look of shock on his face. It was priceless! I turned and chatted some more... never indicating that we'd ever met. I really like Madison... but I really think she needs to watch more carefully.

Chris walked up to the counter and got his car keys, walked right past us... wouldnt look at either of us and wouldnt speak to her when she spoke. She said he was having a bad day. YEAH... he is. He got caught. I know the truth now! haha I betcha I never see him again....

Too bad too. He had great workout ideas, but too bad he couldnt just tell the truth and be honest. What was the point in lying anyways...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On the Road Again

We're gonna need a bigger house. I've decided.

Today while heading out to buy velcro for the techs who are cleaning up and reorganizing the chargers downstairs, I took a little side-step. Every time I head out to run errands or something, I try to take a different route so I can familiarize myself with the area. You never know what you might find! Today, instead of taking major roads, I shot down 36th street and came upon this cute cute cute neighborhood. BlahBlah Heights. I cant remember the first part... but it was Heights for sure.

From where I come from.... the Heights would indicate skankville. This wasnt the case. Buried in a cool little place in the city are huge homes with beautiful yards. I tried to catch every little thing I could... glancing left, then right, then left, right....etc. I found one for sale!!! I so want to see it...

I certainly wouldn't move to the city, but I'd love to see those homes and I wonder how much they sell for. I know we can buy alot more house in the city for the same money we spend to live in the burbs.

I'm gonna look for open houses and start looking.... this is going to drive Richard crazy I think. This whole pregnancy thing will drive him nuts. My sister said she's loving this one... she told mom "this pregnancy is so fun! She's so mean with this one!" lol

I don't think so.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We Wish To Thank...

I can't believe we were picked!!! I feel so honored.. Burg picked us! We're finally getting around to selecting our 5 favorite blogs... which, by the way is the hardest thing to do. Circe and I have so many favorites that it was almost impossible to narrow it down. We managed... but know that just because we didn't list your blog doesnt mean we dont hold it near and dear to our hearts! We just could only pick 5!

So, here's the deal:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,

3. Optional: Proudly display the "Thinking Blogger Award" with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog.)

Here is the hard part:

1. Bone. First of all, it was the name that attracted me to his blog (makes me think of Boner on Growing Pains). Bone is sharp and witty and never fails to do Three Word Wednesday and keeps me posted on 24, which I have yet to be able to watch. He cracks me up when he writes! He's always a breath of fresh air.

2. I'm jealous of the places Traveling Chica gets to go... and see. She has some great stories about her adventures and we live vicariously through her! Chica always has great words of wisdom or chuckling comment. Although we've never met in person... it seems like she's a great friend! We're always checking on our Chica baby!

3. There is always something exciting happening to Twisted Panties and Boxers. TP just recently made a major life change (moved, changed jobs) and we've got to share in all her excitement. I doubt SHE would say it's much excitement... but TP has to admit it's never a dull moment! We love her wit and energy and it seems she writes with much sincerity and leaves no thought or emotion uncovered. She's so fun to love!

4. Sparkley Pirate. Ahoy, matey! haha. I just had to say that. When you go to the blog, you'll notice there is not a piratey layout... however, if i'm not mistaken she did (does) have a Blackbeard on this site - which would be her bf/fiance. This girl is good reading!

5. To me, this is more of a serious or more business blog... but we certainly love reading Skinny Legs and All. Thephoenixnyc has awesome travel stories or worldly information. It's fun to read his thoughts and views on topics plus we get to do some traveling just like with Chica. His humor, well cracks you up!

Honestly, it's hard to put in words what we think about the blogs we read and why we chose these five. Each one is special in its own way and we love each one for different reasons. We're so excited we were picked! Thank you *hugs* Burg you rock... i'm so glad we 'met'!!!

Baking Bread

I work with all men and 99.9% of the time they are hot and i'm cold, so it's a constant battle to find the air temp we're all happy with. I've just resorted to wearing more clothes and/or lots of layers. I'm the only one who can still dig out sweaters and jackets in the summer and wear them all day while working.

Today, the temp was supposed to be in the 60's with rain and so that meant it would be about a whopping 40 degrees in my office. I pulled on my boots and a turtleneck sweater and headed to work. As I topped the stairs, I noticed the doorway to our storage unit propped open. I figured someone was hauling junk in and out and didnt want to mess with the door. Then I noticed another office door propped open - which is quite odd. Then I rounded the corner to see our lab door open and a gush of hot, boiling, scorching air hit me in the face.

I walked in to find a couple of the techs propped up in their chairs.... very lethargic. What the @#$% is going on!?!? I cannot work in this!! Chris said the air had been stuck on incinerate all night long and since someone in their brilliant wisdom (absolutely was not me) had the heat/air company lock down the thermostat so we can't fight over it all the time, we can't adjust it in any way. One of the maintenance guys had called the company to get the passcode so he could log into it and try to adjust it... but he couldnt figure it out. It was registering in the 90's in our office. A stiffling 90ish.

We all scrambled to find other office space downstairs to work while we waited on the heat/air guy. It wasn't until lunch time that it was finally fixed and we were able to return to our lab.

What a beautiful start to this tax day.

Speaking of tax day. It's always been on the 15th... which would have really been the 16th because the 15th is on a weekend... but from what I hear it was changed to the 17th because the 16th was a holiday in Washington D.C.!?!? What kind of holiday.... and why didnt we all get the holiday!?!?!?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Annie Update

It just crossed my mind that I have not been keeping y'all abreast of the situation with Anorexic Girl at the gym (aka: Annie)

WELL! I hadnt seen her for weeks. Which was weird because ever since I joined that gym LAST July, I'd seen her every day, regardless of what time I worked out... she was there. I probably hadn't seen her in a good month or so and then one day last week she came waddling in. I was at the dumb bells and I looked up towards the cardio machines and saw her walking away from me. I noticed her butt had spread and she walked like she'd just crawled off a horse she'd ridden for three days to get there. She stopped and turned to crawl onto a machine and riding high on those twiggy legs was a pooch from boobs to cooter that obviously is a baby. We'd previously wondered if her stomach was just distended (swollen) due to starvation (she obviously isnt eating and has food issues) and a few months ago in one of our weight lifting classes, she suddenly left the class when it came time to do abs. I thought maybe she just didnt want to crunch cuz she might squeeze that gas bubble of starvation and be embarrassed at the flatulence... but I think it's a baby.

She waddled around the gym for a while... but never forgetting to stop and admire herself in every mirror that she passed. She wore yoga pants that were skin tight and a tight tank. She really didnt stick out that far, but heck she might have been 'due' for all I know. She's starving the little thing to death. She hasnt been back since... well, I should say that I havent seen her. She's had that little pooch for as long as I can remember.... so that means she's been preggers for like a year!

True Chaos

A gunman opened fire in a dormitory and a classroom at a college in Virginia on Monday, killing at least 30 people in the deadliest campus shooting in U.S. history. The gunman also was killed, and at least 22 other people were injured.

My heart goes out to the loved ones affected by this senseless tragedy. Working for a higher institution just makes this hit even closer to home. :(

This recently arrived in our inbox precipitated by today's horrendous action.


Definition: Unwanted Intruder – A person threatening person or property. This may be verbally or physically and/or with a weapon.

In the event that an unwanted intruder is present take the following actions:


1. Immediately call *** Police Department at 911, then dial “O” and report to *** Operator. Try to give a good description of the intruder and if he or she has a weapon.
2. If classes are in session lock all classroom doors, keeping students inside.
3. Evacuate hallways and bathrooms.
4. STAY CALM and do not alarm students"

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Angels We Have Heard on High

Another precious Richard Story:

Last night had originally been planned for my birthday weekend but because it was also Easter weekend, Richard changed all of the plans to a week later (last night). Several months ago he asked me what i'd like to have for my birthday and the one thing that immediately came to mind was to get to be able to see all of my old friends again.... at the same time.... and 'kick it' with them. Like we used to... in the olden days (about a year ago. lol). The biggest majority of my trouble-causing, hell-raising, story-telling and story-creating friends are back in T-town and so I dont get to see them much due to the 100 miles between us. I miss them!

Richard made phone calls and sent emails and was able to get a few of them together here in the city for my birthday. It's hard to get everyone together... schedules never work out. It was all supposed to be a suprise, but because I had a little surprise of my own a few weeks ago (preggers) he decided to let me in on the plan because he was afraid i'd not want to do it, or be too tired, or want to change the plans... anything could happen. I certainly can't go to a smokey club until little junior is born, so that was out. We had to be more selective.

We met at Zio's for dinner and I was able to catch up on some good gossip... and share a little of my own. Even being 100 miles away, I still know alot of what is going on there... plus I have a whole new world here to share. We live on Wysteria Lane, not literally, but with all the going's on on our street... one would think we're in a episode of Desperate Housewives. Richard adds 'and Kerry's right in the middle of it... running from house to house with the margarita's'. lol

Not really... but maybe kinda!

Anyways.... thanks babe for getting my buddies here. *kisses*