Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baking Bread

I work with all men and 99.9% of the time they are hot and i'm cold, so it's a constant battle to find the air temp we're all happy with. I've just resorted to wearing more clothes and/or lots of layers. I'm the only one who can still dig out sweaters and jackets in the summer and wear them all day while working.

Today, the temp was supposed to be in the 60's with rain and so that meant it would be about a whopping 40 degrees in my office. I pulled on my boots and a turtleneck sweater and headed to work. As I topped the stairs, I noticed the doorway to our storage unit propped open. I figured someone was hauling junk in and out and didnt want to mess with the door. Then I noticed another office door propped open - which is quite odd. Then I rounded the corner to see our lab door open and a gush of hot, boiling, scorching air hit me in the face.

I walked in to find a couple of the techs propped up in their chairs.... very lethargic. What the @#$% is going on!?!? I cannot work in this!! Chris said the air had been stuck on incinerate all night long and since someone in their brilliant wisdom (absolutely was not me) had the heat/air company lock down the thermostat so we can't fight over it all the time, we can't adjust it in any way. One of the maintenance guys had called the company to get the passcode so he could log into it and try to adjust it... but he couldnt figure it out. It was registering in the 90's in our office. A stiffling 90ish.

We all scrambled to find other office space downstairs to work while we waited on the heat/air guy. It wasn't until lunch time that it was finally fixed and we were able to return to our lab.

What a beautiful start to this tax day.

Speaking of tax day. It's always been on the 15th... which would have really been the 16th because the 15th is on a weekend... but from what I hear it was changed to the 17th because the 16th was a holiday in Washington D.C.!?!? What kind of holiday.... and why didnt we all get the holiday!?!?!?


CruiserMel said...

OMG, I haven't checked your blog in ages and I come in here today and you're pregnant!!! Wonderful news!

Ooops, should've put this comment down a few entries, but what the heck - you're pregnant!! Congratulations to you and your husband. Yay.

Traveling Chica said...

I wanted a vacation day too!


Sounds like a rough day at work... oh, and if you live in the rain/snow mess out east, you have until THURSDAY to do your taxes. I just want to know... why do people wait until this late to do them anyway???

Kerry said...

Mel: ahahaha... yep, i'm all knocked up! We're excited! Thank you for the congrats!

Chica: Why til Thursday to do your taxes? When they go to changing all the dates it just gets everyone confused. I dont understand.... and never will... why people wait so late to do their taxes. I do mine as soon as I get all my income info. Like, the first of February. I get them done and in so I dont have to mess with them. Now, if I owe a return... I dont mail that until tax day time :) But if i'm getting a return... I get that turned in ASAP!

Burg said...

I can't do anything in that kind of heat!! I hate hot! If it's above 55 degrees outside I have to wear short sleeves or I'll sweat profusely and become a mega-witch! It's funny because I use to always be cold.. I think it has to do with quitting smoking.

Kerry said...

Burg: you would have been passed out smooth on the floor! I'm always cold... so when I complain that i'm hot... its HOT!