Monday, April 16, 2007

Annie Update

It just crossed my mind that I have not been keeping y'all abreast of the situation with Anorexic Girl at the gym (aka: Annie)

WELL! I hadnt seen her for weeks. Which was weird because ever since I joined that gym LAST July, I'd seen her every day, regardless of what time I worked out... she was there. I probably hadn't seen her in a good month or so and then one day last week she came waddling in. I was at the dumb bells and I looked up towards the cardio machines and saw her walking away from me. I noticed her butt had spread and she walked like she'd just crawled off a horse she'd ridden for three days to get there. She stopped and turned to crawl onto a machine and riding high on those twiggy legs was a pooch from boobs to cooter that obviously is a baby. We'd previously wondered if her stomach was just distended (swollen) due to starvation (she obviously isnt eating and has food issues) and a few months ago in one of our weight lifting classes, she suddenly left the class when it came time to do abs. I thought maybe she just didnt want to crunch cuz she might squeeze that gas bubble of starvation and be embarrassed at the flatulence... but I think it's a baby.

She waddled around the gym for a while... but never forgetting to stop and admire herself in every mirror that she passed. She wore yoga pants that were skin tight and a tight tank. She really didnt stick out that far, but heck she might have been 'due' for all I know. She's starving the little thing to death. She hasnt been back since... well, I should say that I havent seen her. She's had that little pooch for as long as I can remember.... so that means she's been preggers for like a year!


Traveling Chica said...

It's one thing to be stupid and starve yourself... but a baby? Makes me sick.

Burg said...

My brother's girlfriend basically starved herself while she was pregnant. It's one thing to eat healthy, but I seriously never saw the girl eat. The trend to stay skinny while pregnant scares me.

Kerry said...

I agree. I dont think its a time to worry about staying thin. You will gain weight regardless... you are pregnant! Its one thing to eat sensibly to avoid gaining unnecessary weight - too much weight gain can be bad too - but to not eat at all and put the baby at risk is just pathetic!