Sunday, April 15, 2007

Angels We Have Heard on High

Another precious Richard Story:

Last night had originally been planned for my birthday weekend but because it was also Easter weekend, Richard changed all of the plans to a week later (last night). Several months ago he asked me what i'd like to have for my birthday and the one thing that immediately came to mind was to get to be able to see all of my old friends again.... at the same time.... and 'kick it' with them. Like we used to... in the olden days (about a year ago. lol). The biggest majority of my trouble-causing, hell-raising, story-telling and story-creating friends are back in T-town and so I dont get to see them much due to the 100 miles between us. I miss them!

Richard made phone calls and sent emails and was able to get a few of them together here in the city for my birthday. It's hard to get everyone together... schedules never work out. It was all supposed to be a suprise, but because I had a little surprise of my own a few weeks ago (preggers) he decided to let me in on the plan because he was afraid i'd not want to do it, or be too tired, or want to change the plans... anything could happen. I certainly can't go to a smokey club until little junior is born, so that was out. We had to be more selective.

We met at Zio's for dinner and I was able to catch up on some good gossip... and share a little of my own. Even being 100 miles away, I still know alot of what is going on there... plus I have a whole new world here to share. We live on Wysteria Lane, not literally, but with all the going's on on our street... one would think we're in a episode of Desperate Housewives. Richard adds 'and Kerry's right in the middle of it... running from house to house with the margarita's'. lol

Not really... but maybe kinda!

Anyways.... thanks babe for getting my buddies here. *kisses*


Queen of the Mayhem said...

What a nice husband! Congratulations on the pregnancy.

I can't help but put myself squarely in the middle of everyone's business! I have to be in the know!

I found your blog via Burg's post!

Traveling Chica said...


Again... about that cousin...?


Burg said...

What a nice thing to do!

For my birthday, I think I'll see if maybe my husband will drive some people away instead of bringing them to me..

Kerry said...

Queen: Thanks for checking us out! Richard is a sweetie pie and with the whole preggers thing, he's trying extra hard ;)

Chica: I found out this weekend that sweetie cousin is going to marry his little girlfriend next year!!!! You better get a move on and break them up! :)

Burg: Fortunately, he knew which ones were ok to bring around ;) hehe

Circe said...

So sorry I missed your 'surprise.' (Wasn't I good about not saying a word to you in all our emails flying around these past few weeks, though?)

weatherchazer said...

That sounds like a great birthday- I actually forgot mine last year...the bad thing is, so did hubby. Followed burg's link to see what's on this side!

Kerry said...

Sweet! Thanks for checking us out Weatherchazer! I love having new visitors and friends :)