Thursday, October 23, 2008


bbbrrrrrrrr it's cold!

We've had really nice weather thus far... until today! When we are scheduled to have a parent/kiddo soccer game and ice cream social dealie-o at soccer practice!!! I think we should be having a chili cook-off instead of ice cream. The parents are also supposed to suit up and have a scrimmage with the soccer team.. and we were encouraged to wear "all the gear". Translation: make sure you wear shin guards and any other padding/protection you can find.

Well, I have recruited a sub for my position :) My precious C is going to be playing in my place. I know its somewhat unfair (but who cares). He outweighs me by a ton and running into him is like hitting a brick wall. He also plays and knows the rules of the game inside and out plus knows the cheats. He can also outrun anyone playing. So... I did good! haha

I begged and bribed him to take my place... plus I claimed injury (which is partially true) plus he'd have to watch baby Z while I played. He chose to play. ha!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm not liking Today

I can NOT stand Meredith Vieira! I'm pretty sure i've blogged this before, but I'll say it again. She should have never been hired to do the Today Show. It has sucked donkey dick since Katie Couric left and Meredith started sitting with Matt Lauer. She's unable to do a decent interview and can't leave her personal opinions untouched. She's rude and a total douchebag.

They need to replace her and from the look on Matt's face half the time, he thinks the same thing! She's not strong and is most definitely the weakest link on the show! I've seen the others cut her off in mid sentence because she's rambling on about some BS that doesn't make sense and they are trying to keep the show going. Her attempts at flirting are also gut wrenching. Blah!

Go away!

ok... gotta run and take care of other matters!

I miss Circe!