Saturday, December 22, 2007

Slippery When Wet

Today we got our predicted inch of snow and some rain... which froze almost immediately because the high today was only in the 30's. That makes for a nasty night because it dropped below freezing and everything that even started to melt (roads and parking lots) has now frozen into sheets of ice.

Richard went to the grocery store for me and came home to announce how "bad" it was outside and how slow he had to drive, etc. Of course, now I decided I "need" to go to the mall. I talked C into going with me (there was a coat I wanted and I had to get it today. Tomorrow might be too late!!!) and we skated out to the MM and headed off down the road. Sure enough... it's slicker than snot outside!!!

It is solid sheets of ice. Perfect shopping weather!!! The mall was quiet and only those who are dare devils... risk takers... brave and strong... dared to make their way to the mall! Not only did we run into the mall, but we made our way across the street to Old Navy, then we even ventured so far as to get a coke at Wendy's! oh my! When the weather gets nasty and everyone stays in... that's when I go out because you can actually get in and out of places quicker. You don't have to battle the people!

Hope y'all have your shopping done!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home Cookin'

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What my sis told me just minutes ago... is true!

If it's printed in OK magazine. It's true!

and if Perez says, it's true!

Jamie Lynn Spears is knocked up! She's only 16!!! I really thought she was the one with it 'all together'. Apparently not.

Come Smell the Roses

I ventured to the mall again today... WITH baby in tow. I'm getting gutsy!
I don't mean by taking baby Z out... I mean by going to the mall!

Z is an awesome shopping partner. She seems to love to ride along in her stroller and most likely will nap while I'm pushing her around. She just curls up to the side of her little seat and catches up on her ZZZ's. Today was a bit different.

She napped like usual, but while in Macy's she started stirring. I watched her... trying to anticipate the fit that is building. Is it going to be a blood curdling scream? Will it be just a little yelp? Will she put herself back to sleep? I leaned in to watch her and holy cow.

I smelled the smell.

She'd been working on a little Christmas present of her own!

I knew that she'd probably not put herself back to sleep because this diaper was loaded! I brought her home and to my surprise not only had she left me a gift, but she blew it out the side and coated her cute little pink and white onsie with it!
How does a child pooh out the side? or out the back!?!? I've never figured that out. How can something so precious and tiny do so much damage out the backend. And the smell! How do they produce such odor!!! She's keeping up with the boys!