Friday, January 25, 2008

Well Said!

I was shocked to hear the news of Heath Ledger and I have to say that it makes me terribly sad. My heart breaks for his little girl who is too young to understand what has happened, but old enough to know that she's missing her daddy.

I read this article written by Star Jones... and she said it right! Stop speculating... and leave the family alone! The media can be such jerks.

Let's get to what we don't know: his death was a tragic accident, or something to the contrary. Until we know for sure, I think the media should just shut their mouths and stop all the speculation that's been running rampant.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Truly, I am not making this stuff up!

This morning was Z's scheduled appointment with her pediatrician to get her first round of shots. Considering she's been sick, I figured she wouldnt get the shots but I wanted to have her checked out anyways because the cough and congestion were getting worse (I suspected RSV). Sure enough... she has a mild case of RSV! *insert Damn Daycare here*

I got new care instructions for her and our pediatrician decided to wait on the shots. Yeah! She'll be fine.

Loaded up and in the car... headed to the NEW daycare lady's house to put our deposit down and sign some paperwork... my sis called.

"Kerry, I just talked to Barbara and she said that Joe and Consuela called Hannah back to see if she'd run the daycare you just left. (They had fired Hannah about a year ago - from running the daycare for them) They said that someone called DHS on them and is filing charges against them because apparently an employee hit a kid and they are afraid they will be shut down".

So what Columbian lady was saying was a lie... was partially the truth! I'm glad we went with our gut feeling... that we needed to leave!

I was headed there as we spoke so that I could check Z out and gather her things. When I pulled up out front, there was a big van and inside were inspectors. Not happy ones either. I walked into the infant room and I saw more employees than i'd ever seen there before... ever! It appeared as if the infant/adult ratio was finally up to par. I told one chick that I was checking out and needed Z's things and she hurridly started gathering my stuff and scooting me out the door. I stood and kept making conversation... because I knew what the lady in dress clothes and carrying a clipboard (with a frown) was doing. I wanted her to ask me all kinds of questions... but she didn't *dang*.

Across the hall in the toddler room was a guy doing the same thing. I'll be surprised if they aren't closed down. I hope so.. for the sake of those kids. I hate it for the parents, but for the well-being of all those kiddos I hope that joint is shut down!

I like our new daycare lady.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Daycare Delimma

Here's a little more info on the daycare disaster yesterday.

When I dropped Z off, I told them not to lay her flat because with the congestion it plugs up her nose and she can’t breath, so she needed to nap in her carseat or a bouncie seat. When I picked her up, she was laying flat on her back and snot and boogies were packed in both nostrils and all over her nose. She was struggling to breath. I went ballistic! I scooped her up…. only to find her soaking wet from laying there for God only knows how long, and spitting up bottles of spit-up all over herself. I jump all over the girl working and her response was “yeah, they all have runny noses” followed by “she just ate at 2pm so she was fixing to eat again“. It was only 3:30pm! She doesn’t eat that often. Thats part of the problem. They were shoving bottles in her when she really didnt need them and she’s just throwing them back up. PLUS they arent keeping her nose clean. She couldnt breath for the love of pete!!!!! I’m still very upset. I only saw one worker chick for about 5 babies that were laying there. Still another issue I have.

As I was walking out the front door… fuming… the owner stopped me and in her very deep Columbian accent said “we have problems. Please keep us in your prayers“. I’m thinking… you ain’t a kiddin you have problems! So, I inquire as to what her problem is. “The bus driver is mad at me and quitting and says he takes his wife with him“. Thats the daycare director, which in my opinion is no loss because she was worthless. She goes on… “he spreads rumors that my doors are closing, but I want you to know that I am open and i’ve hired a replacement. She doesnt have credentials but i’m training her and in the meantime I’ve got a temp“.

Enough said. I’m out of here. No way are we staying in this disaster area! She keeps asking me to pray for her. OH I WILL ALRIGHT! And pray for us too… so that we find another place!

These two home daycares that I interviewed today look promising.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Up For a Quickie

A quick note before I take off for spin class....

I HATE, and I can't emphasis that enough.... HATE daycare!

I'm hiring a nanny.

Cat Scratch Fever

Last night TBC decided it was high time to give wittle Frankie a dose of hairball drugs. Um yeah. Much like the time he dispensed worm meds, I got stuck holding the new guy’s elusive appendages down as TBC shoved the liquid down his rebellious throat. I am now the proud owner of three fairly deep hand scratches to go along with all the previous Fedex envelope cuts. *sigh*

Today starts another week of sharing working quarters with the switchboard gals as office partners. I do adore the sweeties so I’m not really miffed, but I truly prefer my own space. The cacophony in our building is deafening even with my door closed as construction guys scurry around drilling, pounding and generally making a dusty, ungodly mess. “A” and I were even treated to plumber’s squat this morning right outside “our door” but fortunately he was not wearing his low riders nor sporting a massive belly. We dodged a bullet on that one.

Electricity was out at some point this weekend so not all phones were working when we came in and everyone’s work email was down. Yeah, it’s so a Monday. On the bright side, my secret pal left me chocolaty goodness in my mailbox. I’m so stoked! Also, “S” is coming to take me away to go eat lunch with her and dispense some much-needed stress relief. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why Cant I Think of a Title?

Last week was Z's first week at daycare. She seemed to like it and did just fine. I hated dropping her off every morning and I dashed in the door each afternoon... so excited to see her and see how her day went! She never cried when I left her and was a happy little camper when I picked her up. Every day she'd hop right in her car seat and ride along with me... wide-eyed all the way home! We'd play and chit chat about our day.

Monday was the hardest day for me... well, makes sense since it was the first day. Tuesday we walked in and posted smack dab on the infant door was a note that read "Parents: Two babies have been sent home with RSV".

UGH. I hate daycare.

The two that were home sick hadn't been there with baby Z, and they were bleaching the nursery, so hopefully all is well.

Thursday yet another note that read "Parents: a third baby has been sent home with RSV".

Dammit! I hate daycare.

The room was drenched in clorox bleach. They were cleaning frantically. Regardless, I only left Z there just briefly. I had a dentist appointment that I needed to keep. I'd had the appointment for 6 months and to reschedule was such a pain.

Today, we found ourselves at the Urgent Care Clinic with a runny nose, nasty cough and congestion. Our first thought was "that damn daycare!" Hopefully it wouldnt be RSV!!! Z has an upper respiratory infection and is RSV free.

I still hate daycare. They have cooties.