Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why Cant I Think of a Title?

Last week was Z's first week at daycare. She seemed to like it and did just fine. I hated dropping her off every morning and I dashed in the door each afternoon... so excited to see her and see how her day went! She never cried when I left her and was a happy little camper when I picked her up. Every day she'd hop right in her car seat and ride along with me... wide-eyed all the way home! We'd play and chit chat about our day.

Monday was the hardest day for me... well, makes sense since it was the first day. Tuesday we walked in and posted smack dab on the infant door was a note that read "Parents: Two babies have been sent home with RSV".

UGH. I hate daycare.

The two that were home sick hadn't been there with baby Z, and they were bleaching the nursery, so hopefully all is well.

Thursday yet another note that read "Parents: a third baby has been sent home with RSV".

Dammit! I hate daycare.

The room was drenched in clorox bleach. They were cleaning frantically. Regardless, I only left Z there just briefly. I had a dentist appointment that I needed to keep. I'd had the appointment for 6 months and to reschedule was such a pain.

Today, we found ourselves at the Urgent Care Clinic with a runny nose, nasty cough and congestion. Our first thought was "that damn daycare!" Hopefully it wouldnt be RSV!!! Z has an upper respiratory infection and is RSV free.

I still hate daycare. They have cooties.


Eileen Dover said...

Ugh, it's so hard, I know. I take mine to a home daycare for that reason... it's his second place and he's almost three. They still have their share of sickness, but with a smaller ratio of kids, I'm happier.

Of course, the kid is on antibiotics for having a double-ear infection and mucous in his lungs.

But think about this... your kid is building some amazing immunity! ;)

TC said...

The only thing I can say is that it's not really gonna get better when they go to school. They are the dirtiest places imaginable, no matter how "clean" they might appear to the eye!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

YUCK! Daycare is the bane of my existence! I have had to miss so many days of work due to my kids catching every little thing that flies around there!

They do eventually build up just takes a WHILE! Good luck!

Kerry said...

Eileen: I did home daycare with C and P, but we just havent been able to find one for Z yet. Maybe i'll have to start my own! Try taking the little guy to a chiropractor for the ear infections. I did that with P, and it got him straightened out after about 4 visits and we've not had an ear infection in years!

TC: Agree. They arent really ever "clean"

Queen: I'm afraid that I'll be taking off quite a bit with Z too. I've heard of some hospitals doing "sick" daycare. I'm not sure what the details are, but they offer daycare for those little guys who are under the weather and parents cant get home to stay with them.

I'd rather be home though... but it's a good idea!

Grant said...

What is RSV? Really Severe Vomiting?

As an adult with an immortal immune system, I only have to worry about where to get dinner and a girlfriend.