Thursday, January 24, 2008

Truly, I am not making this stuff up!

This morning was Z's scheduled appointment with her pediatrician to get her first round of shots. Considering she's been sick, I figured she wouldnt get the shots but I wanted to have her checked out anyways because the cough and congestion were getting worse (I suspected RSV). Sure enough... she has a mild case of RSV! *insert Damn Daycare here*

I got new care instructions for her and our pediatrician decided to wait on the shots. Yeah! She'll be fine.

Loaded up and in the car... headed to the NEW daycare lady's house to put our deposit down and sign some paperwork... my sis called.

"Kerry, I just talked to Barbara and she said that Joe and Consuela called Hannah back to see if she'd run the daycare you just left. (They had fired Hannah about a year ago - from running the daycare for them) They said that someone called DHS on them and is filing charges against them because apparently an employee hit a kid and they are afraid they will be shut down".

So what Columbian lady was saying was a lie... was partially the truth! I'm glad we went with our gut feeling... that we needed to leave!

I was headed there as we spoke so that I could check Z out and gather her things. When I pulled up out front, there was a big van and inside were inspectors. Not happy ones either. I walked into the infant room and I saw more employees than i'd ever seen there before... ever! It appeared as if the infant/adult ratio was finally up to par. I told one chick that I was checking out and needed Z's things and she hurridly started gathering my stuff and scooting me out the door. I stood and kept making conversation... because I knew what the lady in dress clothes and carrying a clipboard (with a frown) was doing. I wanted her to ask me all kinds of questions... but she didn't *dang*.

Across the hall in the toddler room was a guy doing the same thing. I'll be surprised if they aren't closed down. I hope so.. for the sake of those kids. I hate it for the parents, but for the well-being of all those kiddos I hope that joint is shut down!

I like our new daycare lady.


Sizzle said...

i hope they are shut down for the sake of those poor kiddos. i know it will be hard on the parents but that's not good daycare if they are treating them the way you say. that's just awful!

TC said...


So, why'd you pick that place to begin with?

And, I'm impressed how fast you found a new place!

Hope Lil November gets better right away!

egan said...

I'm really glad they were so proactive there in Oklahoma. This isn't something to wait and see if it improves. Your knee jerk reaction was good.

egan said...

Oh, I'm on the lookout for RSV too since there was a case in daycare last week and it has surfaced again this week. Our baby is the youngest there so she could be susceptible. The RSV was in the neighboring infant room.

Elizabeth said...

You know, there's a situation here where they shut a daycare down because the husband of the administrator was in trouble with the police, and so seriously, none of this shocks me. I'm just glad you have the baby out of there and trusted your gut!

Angela said...

It is hard to know who you can trust

Burg said...

Wow Kerry.. I just read your last post too.. I'm so glad you found someone. I hope those people lose their daycare for sure. Thank God baby Z is alright..

Burg said...

One more thing, just in case you need it, you can go here and check out OK daycare providers. I just found out about it not to long ago and wanted to share it just in case you'd never heard of it too..

weatherchazer said...

Sounds like it needs to be closed down...then burned to the ground to prevent further problems!

Kerry said...

Burg: thank you for the site! One of the ladies I interviewed on Thursday told me about the site too. I didn't know its available. I have it bookmarked now!

TC: When we toured daycare centers a few months ago, we felt like it was the best of them. Obviously we caught it at an on day!

Egan: I pray Anna doesn't get RSV. It's not fun... and the little guys are just miserable!

Elizabeth: I'm so happy I get those gut feelings!!! They have saved me/us several times :)

Sizzle: I wish every baby could stay home with a parent for at least the first couple of years... at least until they can talk! It's hard to leave them.

TC said...

They probably brought extra people in that day to impress you! ;-)