Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bah Humbug!

*repeating to myself*

I will not leave the house on the weekends.
I will not leave the house on the weekends.
I will not leave the house on the weekends.

I left my house today. Twice. Terrible mistake.

First of all, I didnt get to bed until 5 o'clock this morning and I bailed out of bed about 9:30am so I could get to our soccer game at noon. However, I had to drop cookies off at our church by 8am (obviously i'm very late)so I had to get everyone around and leave the house earlier to allow me time to make the drop. Plus I needed to go by Sonic.

Richard took off for his haircut a little before 11am, and I was running like a madwoman to get our soccer gear together and everyone dressed and out the door without crying, screaming and hollering (mostly me). It was cold and drizzly... but we made it! C, P, Z and I loaded up and headed out. The traffic is bad around our house anyways but add the fact that every major road surrounding us is being widened or resurfaced... well, the traffic is just hellacious!

The Sonic stop helped though... and I made it.

This afternoon I fed baby Z and was just going to "run to Wal-Mart and Target real quick" to return a few items and pick up some other stuff. Just 'real quick'. By the time I got home my blood pressure was on boiling and I had nothing nice to say about the human race at all. Every parking lot is packed. No one knows how to drive or park and I'm so sick of idiots trying to make the next light... AND CAN'T and wind up blocking intersections so the cross traffic can't go and miss THEIR light!

Plus idiots doing their shopping and can't count (10 items or less and they have an easy 50 items) and of course not enough checkers working on a Saturday makes it even worse. I've decided I will do no shopping on the weekends and I will do as much as I can after midnight and before 7am. I think its safer then... I'm less likely to blow a gasket.

Course... there's only a few weeks til Christmas anyways.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Assholes Fly

Remember way back like a few weeks ago probably when I posted about the jerk at work?!

Well... he strikes again. WHILE I'M OFF ON FMLA! I'm just waiting... he's making very lethal moves and i'm documenting (all smiles on my part). He thinks he's slick. WRONG! I've got way too much experience with assholes. Remember... I worked at Chaos College and got all kinds of training! hahahaha

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thumbs Up

It’s been a busy week as the semester wheezes out its last gasping breaths here at Chaos Central. I can’t remember ever Fedexing this much in my life. (Good thing the Fedex guy is easy on the eyes.) I arrived at work on Monday exhausted from hosting company the entire weekend. They were there when I got home Friday and still blissfully in the arms of Morpheus when I departed for work on Monday. Much as I love them, it gets old not having a nanosecond to yourself and listening to your dear SIL’s incessant yammering. Adding to my cranky Monday irritability was yet another department meeting, several paper cuts from the Fedex envelopes, splitting my thumbnail way past the quick when my hand slipped off the soap dispenser and plowed into something hard and metallic causing excruciating pain and a determined quest for the ever elusive bandaids. Then Cowgirl decided to sell homemade peanut brittle from my reception area (without my permission) to aid some cause. Does this place resemble a lemonade stand or something? No way was I going to babysit her edibles and if anyone had walked off with the whole unattended bag, I wouldn’t have shed a tear. She finally clued in that she would have more sales if sold from a different location and moved them to another dept. where she did brisk business. Monday didn’t end soon enough for me. Today settled down considerably but I have yet to wander over to the gym and shake off this lethargy. Too many tempting delicacies are starting to make their way to various offices and my resolve to refrain from partaking is getting weaker. I must be strong! Anywho, that’s matters as they stand and much like Kerbear, I'll be hitting the gym tomorrow fer sure.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

Most firearm accidents occur in the home. Avoid the chance of serious injury by getting shot repeatedly at work this week.

Leo July 23 - August 22

Your meticulous attention to detail will once again ruin an otherwise fun and pleasureable pasttime.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

Fears of dying alone will soon be allayed when more than 2,000 fire ants keep you company during those last terrifying minutes.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

The stars indicate that love is in your future. They also indicate your latitude and longitude, if you have a sextant and a basic knowledge of geometry.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

What may at first appear to be an insurmountable obstacle will in time be seen for what it really is: an impenetrable barrier.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pain in my Tum

I have waited for this day... for months!

Today, I got to go upstairs at the gym.

Why is that such a big deal you ask!?!? WELL... upstairs is where all the ab work takes place! I can once again join the crunchers and side-benders! yeah!!! I crunched this morning until my stomach muscles ached. It's such a good feeling!!!