Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bah Humbug!

*repeating to myself*

I will not leave the house on the weekends.
I will not leave the house on the weekends.
I will not leave the house on the weekends.

I left my house today. Twice. Terrible mistake.

First of all, I didnt get to bed until 5 o'clock this morning and I bailed out of bed about 9:30am so I could get to our soccer game at noon. However, I had to drop cookies off at our church by 8am (obviously i'm very late)so I had to get everyone around and leave the house earlier to allow me time to make the drop. Plus I needed to go by Sonic.

Richard took off for his haircut a little before 11am, and I was running like a madwoman to get our soccer gear together and everyone dressed and out the door without crying, screaming and hollering (mostly me). It was cold and drizzly... but we made it! C, P, Z and I loaded up and headed out. The traffic is bad around our house anyways but add the fact that every major road surrounding us is being widened or resurfaced... well, the traffic is just hellacious!

The Sonic stop helped though... and I made it.

This afternoon I fed baby Z and was just going to "run to Wal-Mart and Target real quick" to return a few items and pick up some other stuff. Just 'real quick'. By the time I got home my blood pressure was on boiling and I had nothing nice to say about the human race at all. Every parking lot is packed. No one knows how to drive or park and I'm so sick of idiots trying to make the next light... AND CAN'T and wind up blocking intersections so the cross traffic can't go and miss THEIR light!

Plus idiots doing their shopping and can't count (10 items or less and they have an easy 50 items) and of course not enough checkers working on a Saturday makes it even worse. I've decided I will do no shopping on the weekends and I will do as much as I can after midnight and before 7am. I think its safer then... I'm less likely to blow a gasket.

Course... there's only a few weeks til Christmas anyways.


Angela said...

Weekends are crazy days that is why I am glad I am off work on sunday and monday.

TC said...

*hugs* Save your blood pressure: your kids want to have you around for a long time.

I braved Target yesterday and feel lucky to be alive.

Kerry said...

Angela: having a weekday off is a good deal. I had a job once where I had sunday's and monday's off... and I rather enjoyed it!

TC: You were probably ready for a stiff drink after that Target experience. I'm glad you survived!

Big Ben said...

I think what would make your life easier would be for your kids to play baseball - an American game.

TC said...

Hope ya'll are staying safe in the ice!!! (Actually, I really hope it's not coming anywhere near you, but I don't want to be asking for too much.)

Kerry said...

Ben: we used to play baseball too and P wants to play it this spring... in addition to soccer!

TC: We got the ice and sleet and freezing rain. I'll post some pics!

egan said...

Could we name the baby Sonic?

Bone said...

Sounds like someone's in need of a little remedy I like to call... Festivus!


(PS: Yeah, late weeknight shopping really is the way to go. I went the other night to the mall and there weren't even any kids waiting to see Santa.)