Saturday, November 04, 2006

Turkey Shootout

We won the second game 3-0 too!!! *cheerleader jump*
I'm also going to have to forfeit my trip north to see all my friends and go with them to hear Shugga Daddy play. Considering the drive time and how late it will be when we get there and then how early it would be when we have to start heading back for our early morning game... well I'm going to have to catch up with them another time. I miss my GFR and everybody though!

We're in a soccer tournament this weekend and our first game is well behind us. We won 3 to zip (3-0). Here in a few minutes, we're off to the second game... which hopefully it will go just as smoothly. C scored the last goal and with such finesse! He's been practicing his smooth skills at home - while we arent watching - he finally confessed. It was a rather cool, quick, foot move.... and it worked!

Good job Lightning!

I'm missing my friends wedding so I can be at the soccer tournament. I wish April and Joe all the very best and I hope to get to see the pictures soon. *kisses* to both of you!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Boy Toys

Much like other businesses around the country, this past October 31st found some employees showing up for work in costume. We had several witches patrolling the hallways, and then there were even a few outfitted and pretending to be them. ;) I didn’t stroll around campus to view our creative students, but I have no doubt many participated. I couldn’t help but notice a baby-faced nerdboy buddy of “Napoleon” strutting down our hall decked out as a goth/heavy metal aficionado. I did a double take. The transformation was incredulous and amazing and boy was he ever HOT! Wow! Breathing became ragged as I clutched the edges of my desk in an effort to prevent my racing out the door, throwing him down on our tiled passageway (or dragging him back to my secret seduction lair) and having my lusty way with him. That boy really needs to dress like that ALL the time. Sure wish I had snapped a pic...

That got me to thinking about other underage hotties we’ve had attending in past years and I know you are all asking yourself if Ms Circe ever finds herself attracted to these nubile younguns. Being the responsible, upstanding person that I am, I can honestly say it has been a rare occurrence and one I would never ever dream of acting upon. That said, I do recall one guy I would have considered bending the rules for and that was Rob. Years ago he briefly worked for us in the IT area and he was as friendly and sweet and unstuck-on-himself as a guy could be. I’m not sure he was even aware of his ‘hunk factor’ but his pleasant manner just enhanced his boyish charm. Our conversations never got out of line, and I truly doubt he knew just what an effect he had on me. The only physical embrace we shared was one time when I saw him outside my building in the evening and ran up to enthusiastically greet him. He long ago moved on and I’ve never heard what direction his life took. I hope he’s happy and healthy and attached to someone as wonderful as he deserves. Years later it dawned on me that of all the time spent at Chaos College, the one year my smiling face graced the yearbook (and student handbook) ad nauseum was the year he worked in that department. I guess maybe he liked me too. :)

Reasons You Shouldn't Forward Me That Email

11. I eat puppies, kittens, and other cute animals, and sending me pictures of them only makes me hungry for more.

10. I've been on the Internet forever and have already seen/heard/smelled whatever you're sending before.

9. You'd like me to remain your friend.

8. I don't care if the kid dies from cancer.

7. I have a sense of humor and that joke isn't remotely funny.

6. If you forward that message to ten of your friends then a unicorn dies.

5. You'll prove once and for all that I'm smarter than you.

4. I am actually hoping to get robbed/mugged/carjacked.

3. If I wanted to see pictures of babies, I'd buy an Anne Geddes book.

2. If it doesn't have to do with making my penis bigger then I don't want it in my Inbox.

1. Bill Gates already sent me my free Xbox, $1000, and tickets to Disney. I don't want to be greedy.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trunk or Treat

After we walked door to door trick or treating, we loaded up and headed to the Baptist Church which was doing a Halloween celebration for little ghosts and goblins. Inside was all kinds of games with prizes, food, costumes, food, candy, food, etc and outside was this huge Obstacle course. We were fascinated with it. The picture really doesnt do it justice... because it was huge!
While the kids played, we stood and stared at the big blowup guy. You can imagine the conversation.... from a side view, he was pretty entertaining.

Groucho Halloween

This year, P was the only one going to dress up. The rest of us feel like we're a little bit too mature to be walking door to door and trick or treatin'. So, for fun I bought C and Richard the Groucho Marx glasses to wear. C had another idea. He took one of the huge pumpkins I had on the front porch, carved a face in it, hallowed it out and made a hole in the back that allowed him to slip the pumpkin over his head. He sat in a chair on the front lawn with a hoodie pulled up over his pumpkin head and held the bowl of candy. As little kiddos walked up to him - some very cautiously - he would start moving or jump up at them. It was funny to watch them squirm. He got lots of 'that is a cool idea!' from dads walking the T or T trail.
Richard gave up his Groucho costume so my sister could have one to wear. He caught us stealing some candy as we were heading to the church to see the blow up guy.
He was just thrilled to be able to dress up!!!

Happy November!

Good morning, peeps! Well, it feels good to have the data entry done and be at my own wittle desk as we kick off a brand new month. I’m all about new months, new years, new millenniums. Can you believe there are approximately 8 weeks left to this year?

This past Friday, I pulled a Bone and stared transfixed at the TV screen as I caught several episodes of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. Those gals work their little fannies off in their enthusiastic attempts to make the cut and be the bested rah rahs possible. I was exhausted just watching them and took another hefty swig of beer. After cramming in as many episodes as I could, I then started on Dr. 90210. Dr. Jason Diamond and his new bride were house-hunting and valiantly trying to choose between a massive crib (with prerequisite pool) or starting a family. Things were leaning toward the awesome abode. When not engaged in this tedious activity, Dr. Diamond operated on a fellow surgeon who was getting eyelift surgery. Ever the Type A, that doctor couldn’t wait to get back to his strenuous physical fitness routine and jumped the gun before being given the green light. Dr. Diamond and his wife also experienced the harsh realities of having a child of their own as they babysat Dr. Li’s adorable little son, Max.
An unfamiliar surgeon (Dr. Lisa Cassileth) operated on Scott, a handsome young man who had been in a horrific car collision on Dec. 11, 2004. A discernable chill ran through me as I flashed back to my mom’s terrible accident on that exact same day many years ago. Though not giving details of the crash, Scott had crushed every single bone in his face along with other severe injuries. Reconstructing his visage is a long, arduous and continuing process. On this day, his nose was being rebuilt using his ribs and plans were made for a prosthetic eye. In the meantime, my favorite Dr. Rey operated on a very attractive female engineer having a breast lift and stretch marks removed. She described herself as still being a geeky engineer but with bigger boobs. :)

The’s 5 Potential Hazards of Organ Transplants

5. With your new Ann Coulter rectum, you can't even pass Gerber strained peaches.

4. That voice just won't leave you alone: "I'm your sphincter, Luke."

3. The only way to keep your new hands off your breasts is to put a beer in one and a remote in the other.

2. Never truer were the words, "Your lips say, 'No,' but your body says, 'Yes.'"

1. The lid on your new eye refuses to open. Not to mention the overwhelming desire to eat spinach and kick some sailor ass.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Error. AGAIN!

This totally ticks me off!

I'm trying to upload some Halloween pictures and it keeps erroring out. I hate that! UGH!

I'll try again later.

Mission: Monday

Greetings, my darlings. No, I haven’t fallen into a gaping hole but rather was forced to hit the ground running as the week began with a rousing BANG. I filled in for our fearless leader’s assistant yesterday and it was quite the Monday. A security guard I always suspected of ‘yanking his chain’ while sitting in the parking lot watching employees exit the building turned in his resignation. Not that that was the reason, mind you, this is just a personal speculation of mine. An irate mother went off on yours truly when an orientation she and her daughter had specifically come to campus for was canceled and prospective members not notified, and I spent my lunch hour processing a buttload of FedEx that mushroomed off the edges of my own desk. Those were pretty much the highlights of yesterday that kept me busy and preoccupied. :)

The’s 5 Signs Your Halloween Party Is Sucking

5. After you showed up in that Grim Reaper costume, half of the Quiet Acres Retirement Home residents had to Rascal back to their suites and change costumes.

4. The woman dressed as Angelina Jolie insists on taking your newborn with her when she leaves.

3. Just as you're meeting your boss's wife, your 4-year-old enters the room with your wife's strap-on dildo on her head proclaiming she's a unicorn.

2. "Dick Cheney" waterboards the hostess to find out where the good beer is.

1. Disappointed, hungry zombies are shuffling their way over from Jessica Simpson's house next door.

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Cat Napping

I went into work at midnight last night and I didn't get home until about 9:30 this morning. By that time, I'd already been up a tad over 24 hours but I wasnt feeling tired or pooped or exhausted... any of those things one might feel. I changed clothes and headed for the gym. I logged over an hour of cardio and did legs and biceps.

Then I noticed a bit of a headache and what felt like I could doze off into sleepy land if I'd close my eyes and try... but at the same time I felt like I could go all day without any sleep eye.

I jabbered a bit on the phone, took a shower, grabbed some lunch, then sat down to watch some tv. At this point in time it was about 27.5 hours with no sleep. The last thing I remember was seeing my weather guy show the highs for today... and that was all she wrote. I had drifted off into dreamland.

After a mere two hours of sleep I dreamed that one of the boys snapped me on the head with a kitchen towel and it was burning/hurting! I woke up, looked around the room because it certainly had to have happened - I felt my head aching from the pop of the towel. I hopped up... wide awake! So here I sit after a couple hours of sleep... unable to sleep anymore. I'm sure I need to... and i'm sure Richard and the boys will be telling me that later tonite. lol

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Paintball Gone Wild

Yesterday (saturday) was a beautiful October day and after our soccer game in the morning (which we won 3-2), we all headed out to play Paintball.

What we thought would be just a couple of hours - because all the kids would surely get tired of playing and start whining to go home - turned into a 4 hour ordeal. They had a blast!

On the way out, P swayed back and forth. He was going to play, then not, then going to, then not. Finally he decided he was playing. I figured that we'd pay the $$$ for him to play, he'd play one round and then poop out. That was not the case! That kiddo played for 4 hours and would have gone an additional 4 hours if we would have let him.

There is a referee that heads up the teams. He took the group of about 30, split them in half, and they hit the fields. Each field had different 'props' and required different survival techniques. It was fun watching and listening to them plan strategy. It was like Xbox live. haha

There was a couple playing with us that had walkie talkies and would communicate to each other locations of the enemy. I dont think that plan proved to be very efficient. I noticed that they were usually the ones out first.

Here's a couple of pictures we got while out playing. The first field we played was the spools, but there were about 8 different fields to play.