Saturday, November 04, 2006

Turkey Shootout

We won the second game 3-0 too!!! *cheerleader jump*
I'm also going to have to forfeit my trip north to see all my friends and go with them to hear Shugga Daddy play. Considering the drive time and how late it will be when we get there and then how early it would be when we have to start heading back for our early morning game... well I'm going to have to catch up with them another time. I miss my GFR and everybody though!

We're in a soccer tournament this weekend and our first game is well behind us. We won 3 to zip (3-0). Here in a few minutes, we're off to the second game... which hopefully it will go just as smoothly. C scored the last goal and with such finesse! He's been practicing his smooth skills at home - while we arent watching - he finally confessed. It was a rather cool, quick, foot move.... and it worked!

Good job Lightning!

I'm missing my friends wedding so I can be at the soccer tournament. I wish April and Joe all the very best and I hope to get to see the pictures soon. *kisses* to both of you!

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