Monday, October 30, 2006

Cat Napping

I went into work at midnight last night and I didn't get home until about 9:30 this morning. By that time, I'd already been up a tad over 24 hours but I wasnt feeling tired or pooped or exhausted... any of those things one might feel. I changed clothes and headed for the gym. I logged over an hour of cardio and did legs and biceps.

Then I noticed a bit of a headache and what felt like I could doze off into sleepy land if I'd close my eyes and try... but at the same time I felt like I could go all day without any sleep eye.

I jabbered a bit on the phone, took a shower, grabbed some lunch, then sat down to watch some tv. At this point in time it was about 27.5 hours with no sleep. The last thing I remember was seeing my weather guy show the highs for today... and that was all she wrote. I had drifted off into dreamland.

After a mere two hours of sleep I dreamed that one of the boys snapped me on the head with a kitchen towel and it was burning/hurting! I woke up, looked around the room because it certainly had to have happened - I felt my head aching from the pop of the towel. I hopped up... wide awake! So here I sit after a couple hours of sleep... unable to sleep anymore. I'm sure I need to... and i'm sure Richard and the boys will be telling me that later tonite. lol


Traveling Chica said...

I hate it when that happens! You know you are going to be exhausted, but you can't sleep for anything.

Grant said...

Booze aids sleep.

Kerry said...

I'll prolly be draggin' butt tomorrow!

Good to see you've come out of hiding Grant :)

Bone said...

I know the feeling well. You're fine until you sit or lie down. Then it's over.

Then again, I have a friend who used to fall asleep standing up at work.