Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy November!

Good morning, peeps! Well, it feels good to have the data entry done and be at my own wittle desk as we kick off a brand new month. I’m all about new months, new years, new millenniums. Can you believe there are approximately 8 weeks left to this year?

This past Friday, I pulled a Bone and stared transfixed at the TV screen as I caught several episodes of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. Those gals work their little fannies off in their enthusiastic attempts to make the cut and be the bested rah rahs possible. I was exhausted just watching them and took another hefty swig of beer. After cramming in as many episodes as I could, I then started on Dr. 90210. Dr. Jason Diamond and his new bride were house-hunting and valiantly trying to choose between a massive crib (with prerequisite pool) or starting a family. Things were leaning toward the awesome abode. When not engaged in this tedious activity, Dr. Diamond operated on a fellow surgeon who was getting eyelift surgery. Ever the Type A, that doctor couldn’t wait to get back to his strenuous physical fitness routine and jumped the gun before being given the green light. Dr. Diamond and his wife also experienced the harsh realities of having a child of their own as they babysat Dr. Li’s adorable little son, Max.
An unfamiliar surgeon (Dr. Lisa Cassileth) operated on Scott, a handsome young man who had been in a horrific car collision on Dec. 11, 2004. A discernable chill ran through me as I flashed back to my mom’s terrible accident on that exact same day many years ago. Though not giving details of the crash, Scott had crushed every single bone in his face along with other severe injuries. Reconstructing his visage is a long, arduous and continuing process. On this day, his nose was being rebuilt using his ribs and plans were made for a prosthetic eye. In the meantime, my favorite Dr. Rey operated on a very attractive female engineer having a breast lift and stretch marks removed. She described herself as still being a geeky engineer but with bigger boobs. :)

The’s 5 Potential Hazards of Organ Transplants

5. With your new Ann Coulter rectum, you can't even pass Gerber strained peaches.

4. That voice just won't leave you alone: "I'm your sphincter, Luke."

3. The only way to keep your new hands off your breasts is to put a beer in one and a remote in the other.

2. Never truer were the words, "Your lips say, 'No,' but your body says, 'Yes.'"

1. The lid on your new eye refuses to open. Not to mention the overwhelming desire to eat spinach and kick some sailor ass.


Traveling Chica said...

Ha... oh man, I think I'm really visiting just to read the top 5's.

Bone said...

You pulled a Bone? Ha ha.

I'm sitting here trying to think of all the things that could entail. I'm sure watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders is one of the least embarrassing possibilities.

61 days until 2007!