Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

Baby News

Congratulations to my friends back home!

At 9am yesterday morning they, along with big brother Noah, welcomed baby Reagan at 9am.

That little baby girl was right on schedule. I wonder if thats an indication of how her little personality is going to be. Punctual.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dig Those Rims

This morning I pulled into the parking lot at work and parked in the first available parking hole I could find on the last row of parking. I usually try to park far away from everyone else anyway to help minimize door dings and crap like that. Anyways, as I was gathering my things I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of the car next to me. It had a bashed front in too. I cracked up... chuckling to myself. Injury Row. Every vehicle that has been banged up parks on the last parking row... probably still trying to prevent door dings. lol Now, if I wasnt trying to be so careful and I drove like a maniac and parked within two inches of the next vehicle (yes, that has happened to me and pisses me right off!) I'd probably never be involved in an accident or have one little scratch. Funny how it works like that.

But now, my sweet MM has been admitted to the vehicle hospital and i've been reassigned a rental car. Its hard to get used to driving 'down low' in a car when i've been used to 'riding high' for years. I like being up high so I can see everyone. I also am going to miss the radio controls on the steering wheel.... I have to actually reach over and push a button to change the station. While driving the car from the rental place to work, I kept pushing the button (which isnt there now) to change the station. I wonder how long I will do that before I get it - that its not there! lol... I'll probably get it the day before I return the car and get my MM back.

Just thankful I have something to drive... dats all. ;)

Temptation Eyes

My fellow staff colleagues and I greet today with varied and mixed feelings as the final misty moments click down from our summer hour schedule. The good news is we will not have to sleepdrive our way here at the buttcrack of dawn or stare forlornly waiting for the pokey minutes to tick away heading toward that glorious SIX. Of course the downside is not having Fridays free to indulge in three-day weekends replete with sleeping in, taking a mini-vacation, running errands, or indulging in many outdoor, pleasure-laden activities. A brief Sat/Sun weekend just doesn’t seem extended enough to ‘get the party started.’

Yesterday found our organization enjoying yet another Mexican Pile-On for lunch. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out what screwball department was first in the queue. But even more galling were the pushy crew of unknown male high school summer help heading that line with their voracious appetites and piled high plates. And exactly which ingredient had each contributed to this mutual group endeavor? Nada!

Lustful hesitation. Despair and desire. Entangled enchantment. Physical attraction. Fighting off nerves. Irrational fears. Dissimilar levels. Uneven playing fields. Quivering mouth, wet lips, earth-shaking fantasies. The right Mr. Wrong. A thousand flashing red lights, a million unspoken questions and yet………
I want to. I long to. Chilled liquid courage. Smiles holding future promise. Dare I? ;)

Can you remember remember my name
As I flow through your life
A thousand oceans I have flown
And cold spirits of ice
All my life
I am the echo of your past
A strand of silver hanging through the
Touching more than you see

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hear this, Grant!

It's no secret that Grant likes Asian girls. I guess I shouldn't say girls. Women would be a better choice of words... at least over the age of 18. Every day this week i've gone to my physical therapy session and every day I am greeted by a different woman (they have all been between the ages of 25 and 35). Today's session was with the cutest little asian woman. As I laid on the table with suction cup electric pulsing things all over my back and her massaging the rest of my back with a vibrating electric pulsing thing, I thought of Grant and how he'd love to me right about now (minus the car accident of course). She was cute cute cute and had a sparkling personality to boot with clean teeth! (I always check out the teeth... cant stand dirty teeth! eewww)

We chatted about the accident and about how other drivers can be complete idiots. She shared some of her accident stories and we laughed at the little quirky things we do after an accident because you're a little sheepish for a while. I'm hoping that I get her again so I can ask if she has a website. An Asian Girl website... yes, Grant would like that ;)

Hang Ten

Continuing my dating adventures brings us to the wacky redhead from Virginia, Steve. While not exactly the cutest(ok, he wasn't THIS bad!), he was probably the funniest of the bunch with the most endearing personality. This time a tangle of red hair flopped down over blue (or hazel--drawing a blank on precise color) lighthearted, playful eyes. I met him and his buddy Vos on the beach surfing and things kicked into high gear. Quite the wave rider, he thought it was totally awesome where I resided and I felt the same about his area (Hampton). One weekend we decided to go hang out in his neck of the woods so we took off in his orange VW Beetle. I failed to tell the fam of this spur of the moment travel decision resulting in the police being notified, but I digress. That night we pulled over into a school parking lot on the Virginia side and grabbed some shut eye. Early that morning we were rudely awakened by a Virginia law enforcement officer resolutely demanding that we vacant the premises. Both of us were really broke so we mostly chilled at his family’s gorgeous house overlooking Chesapeake Bay as we scrounged for food. We even engaged in a little panhandling at the mall. Later that night we headed for Vos’ domicile and cranked up the tunes in his attic hideaway, vainly scouring the place for some smoking pleasure. He was completely out or this would have been my initial introduction to demon weed. *gasp* I think we must have scored some brewskies at some point as I distinctly recall tumbling into a concealed ditch by the side of the darkened road thus muddying my attractive orange shorts ensemble. (Note: Ditch-diving—a repetitive occurrence in my impetuous youth). The following morning we decided to head back to NC and aborted our ‘Hampton Roads Excellent Adventure.’ Our courtship pretty much ended at this point though we did occasionally talk on the phone. I’m sure wave wanderlust lured him back down to my eighty miles of kitty litter vicinity in search of the perfect curl but we never again locked lips or eyeballs. Steve, if you are out there, Circe hopes and prays you are still “hanging ten.” ;)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bumper Update

Yesterday I got all checked out and x-rayed at the Accident Clinic (has some other long name but can't remember it right now, which by the way is caused by this accident - short term memory loss). During my initial assessment, they asked me if i had suffered any memory loss. I said "I cant remember". lol... Really I think I had because all weekend Sheri kept commenting that I couldnt remember squat. But I just think it was because I had alot on my mind. Either way.... i'm fine.

They determined that I needed a week of muscle therapy and then they'd reassess me. Today was day two of therapy and I feel soooo good! That, coupled with painkillers and muscle relaxers... I am sailing right along! I get to lay on this table with my face in a hole and they put sticky prickly suction cup things all over my back and little shocks of electricity flow thru them. At the same time, the little lady is running some massager thing all over my back and neck. Then i'm covered with hot molten lava - not really, but it feels like it. Its hot compresses of some sort. It feels so good!

Since the wreck i've had the hardest time sleeping. Every time i'd move i'd wake up due to back/neck pain. This morning I started out of bed and fully expected to crawl to the bathroon like I had been, but I sat up and there was no pain, no aches, no crackling of the back and neck. Whooohoo! I'm hoping this whole injury thing is short lived and i'm back to 100% quickly.

Things look good on the vehicle/insurance front too! Its all working out *saying thank you prayer*

Tote Tales

A few weeks ago GFR spied my turquoise tote sprawled on the carpet beneath my computer desk and inquired as to its origin. I was only too happy to recount that memorable tale of its acquisition. April Fools Day proved to be unforgettable in more ways than one. a) Daylight Savings Time commenced, b) We were flying back to the USA where nasty tornadic supercells gleefully awaited our Totoland arrival, and c) I was tearfully leaving my beloved “S” in the DR.

It all began with the ride to Santa Domingo’s airport with “S” at my side. The closer we got to the complex, the faster the glistening teardrops rolled down my cheeks, causing constant swipes at the roll of toilet paper perched on the console of the van. By the time we entered the crowded airport, I was having a full-blown, head-turning cryfest with all present staring at the blubbering American sobbing uncontrollably. (yeah, Drama Queen Circe) Hence, it was with watery, swollen eyes that I stumbled my way through the ticket line and DR customs and dejectedly settled down in the chair at the gate. Well, the first gate as we switched gates THREE times before the ‘chicken of decision’ finally pecked out a permanent one we might use to fly out from. With an hour delay ahead of us, I forlornly surveyed my surroundings and fresh anguish washed over me as the crying jag kicked in afresh. As I had made my way through the gauntlet of shops lining either side of the hallway, I managed to take a sideways glance at a particular one selling purses, accessories and delightful totebags. In a concerted effort to appease his heartbroken flying companion, TBC gamely agreed to my returning to this place of business and purchasing a lovely turquoise tote. Though the tears had briefly abated, upon returning to the chairs my misery welled up anew and I realized drastic measures must be taken immediately to overcome my tidal wave of grief. New carrier in hand, I determinedly marched to the ladies loo where I locked myself in a stall and guzzled down a small emergency bottle of Chardonnay discreetly tucked into my bulging carry-on. The soothingly amber liquid worked its appropriate magic as my jumbled emotions settled down and inner calm prevailed. In short order the sun peeked out from behind the storm clouds, my smiling countenance basked all in its benevolent light, and witty banter was exchanged with my fellow travelers. Though a day fraught with emotion and stress, for the remainder of the arduous trip, peace reigned in Circeland.

The’s 5 Signs Your Car Needs Washing

5. The kids seem really freaked-out by those blood stains in the Bronco.

4. Visits to the farm always result in pigs humping your tires.

3. Kids write "PLOW ME!" on your trunk.

2. When you blow the horn, prairie dogs pop up from the hood.

1. That rank smell coming from under all those McDonald's bags? The missing baby!!!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Party Pics

Even Piper got lei'd. haha.. I will get into so much trouble for saying that. (sorry Sheri...hehe)
The paper flowers... this one was my favorite.

The crazy party kids...

Hot Lifeguard reporting to duty.

Kerry helping Skip with his weiners.

The boys' leis

Mark made the fruit bowl out of a watermelon and my sis played barmaid.

Hau`oli la hanau!

All of our hard work paid off this past weekend.
Our luau rocked! My sis and I have planned this huge party for C and the next door neighbor girl, Allie. Way back in May, during a fluke conversation, we learned that their birthday's were on the exact same day. We immediately thought 'we've got to have a luau! A boy/girl party would be so fun!!!' For weeks we planned and got crafty and shopped... and it all went without a hitch. The kids had a blast... but I think the adults had just as much fun.

We made flowers out of tissue paper - like we did in grade school - and put them all over the yard and around the pool to give it the colorful/flowery effect of Hawaii. Tiki torches surrounded the pool and outlined the walkways. We made kabillions of little flowers (construction paper) and covered them in glitter and then placed one on each light that outlined the deck. At night they glistened. We had a bar in our 'hut' that served drinks complete with little umbrella's. Our sweetness, Richard, made us a CD full of music. Everything from Don Ho to the Beach Boys and then later we got some Rap, Hip-Hop... you name it.

The boys got lei'd with shells and the girls with flowers. We served strawberry daiquiris to everyone (virgin to the kiddos and hits of rum for the adults). We completely underestimated the pool. We thought for sure they would get bored with the swimming but four hours into it... they were still going strong. We'd purchased hula hoops and a limbo game... and never broke them out.

At first the girls sat along side the pool... we thought so they wouldnt mess up their hair and/or makeup, but I guess they were waiting until the boys were done playing a game of Tittie Twister. haha When it got dark, the girls had a great time teasing the boys and being 'tortured' by their roughness. We watched as they purposely stepped in the line of fire to get 'hurt' or thrown in the pool so they could scream. They learn the games at such an early age *snicker*

Happy Birthday you two! Aunt Sheri and I have decided that we rule at party throwing and this may very well by our calling in life! Next year we're going to do a Girls-gone-Wild or Mardi Gras party!

Wait... If Victoria really enjoyed this party... what in the world would she do at a Mardi Gras party!!? ;)

The Floor Show

The brick building adjacent to mine has been undergoing extensive renovation this summer. Naturally, this job falls to scruffy, hirsute construction workers and with the arrival of construction workers comes intense girl-watching. A tiny energizing spark to their otherwise humdrum existence has been gathering together in a cluster around the bed of a beat-up dark blue pickup truck with smokes in one hand and cups of coffee in the other as they synchronize watches in anticipation of the ‘amusing antics performed by arriving trained seals.’ Yes folks, we female office workers as a whole have proved to be an entertaining bunch, holding male gawkers transfixed as they focus their rapt attention on our hasty, early morning entrance to work. One can feel those ogling eyes glued to curvy forms sporting cleavage-baring tops, short clingy skirts, and leg-enhancing strappy sandals as we wiggle and jiggle our way into the building. One recent morning as I wobbled my way toward the hallowed doors I lost my precarious footing as I climbed the steps and came perilously close to doing a header right into the brick wall. My that was graceful! Fortunately for me, my dignity remained untarnished and intact as I was thankfully out of view and replaced by other incoming nubile forms currently holding center stage. Though avoiding a bleeding head wound and probable concussion, I did not escape unscathed. During our dreaded daily meetingathon, I happened to glance down at my ladylike crossed legs to discover ripped pantyhose on both toes and one bleeding tootsie! Furtively stealing a glance at my male coworkers to check their degree of observation, I froze my legs in that position so as not to draw unwanted attention. It wasn’t until much later that I learned the tech who had walked beside me into work had noticed but wisely decided not to add to my mortification. Good man.

These are the tantalizing choices currently offered on our former website instead of mindless verbiage the tipsy trio eschews. I believe our beloved Bone mournfully confessed to breaking down and purchasing vast quantities of aluminum extrusions. Whatever they are...

Aluminum Extrusions
Aluminum Casting
Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum Sheet
Aluminum Tubing
Scrap Metal
Sheet Metal

Leo July 23 - August 22
With the help of a Native American tracker and a reasonably fresh trail, you will hunt down just where in Michigan those elegant, pointed-toe heels are sold.