Monday, July 31, 2006

Hau`oli la hanau!

All of our hard work paid off this past weekend.
Our luau rocked! My sis and I have planned this huge party for C and the next door neighbor girl, Allie. Way back in May, during a fluke conversation, we learned that their birthday's were on the exact same day. We immediately thought 'we've got to have a luau! A boy/girl party would be so fun!!!' For weeks we planned and got crafty and shopped... and it all went without a hitch. The kids had a blast... but I think the adults had just as much fun.

We made flowers out of tissue paper - like we did in grade school - and put them all over the yard and around the pool to give it the colorful/flowery effect of Hawaii. Tiki torches surrounded the pool and outlined the walkways. We made kabillions of little flowers (construction paper) and covered them in glitter and then placed one on each light that outlined the deck. At night they glistened. We had a bar in our 'hut' that served drinks complete with little umbrella's. Our sweetness, Richard, made us a CD full of music. Everything from Don Ho to the Beach Boys and then later we got some Rap, Hip-Hop... you name it.

The boys got lei'd with shells and the girls with flowers. We served strawberry daiquiris to everyone (virgin to the kiddos and hits of rum for the adults). We completely underestimated the pool. We thought for sure they would get bored with the swimming but four hours into it... they were still going strong. We'd purchased hula hoops and a limbo game... and never broke them out.

At first the girls sat along side the pool... we thought so they wouldnt mess up their hair and/or makeup, but I guess they were waiting until the boys were done playing a game of Tittie Twister. haha When it got dark, the girls had a great time teasing the boys and being 'tortured' by their roughness. We watched as they purposely stepped in the line of fire to get 'hurt' or thrown in the pool so they could scream. They learn the games at such an early age *snicker*

Happy Birthday you two! Aunt Sheri and I have decided that we rule at party throwing and this may very well by our calling in life! Next year we're going to do a Girls-gone-Wild or Mardi Gras party!

Wait... If Victoria really enjoyed this party... what in the world would she do at a Mardi Gras party!!? ;)

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