Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dig Those Rims

This morning I pulled into the parking lot at work and parked in the first available parking hole I could find on the last row of parking. I usually try to park far away from everyone else anyway to help minimize door dings and crap like that. Anyways, as I was gathering my things I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of the car next to me. It had a bashed front in too. I cracked up... chuckling to myself. Injury Row. Every vehicle that has been banged up parks on the last parking row... probably still trying to prevent door dings. lol Now, if I wasnt trying to be so careful and I drove like a maniac and parked within two inches of the next vehicle (yes, that has happened to me and pisses me right off!) I'd probably never be involved in an accident or have one little scratch. Funny how it works like that.

But now, my sweet MM has been admitted to the vehicle hospital and i've been reassigned a rental car. Its hard to get used to driving 'down low' in a car when i've been used to 'riding high' for years. I like being up high so I can see everyone. I also am going to miss the radio controls on the steering wheel.... I have to actually reach over and push a button to change the station. While driving the car from the rental place to work, I kept pushing the button (which isnt there now) to change the station. I wonder how long I will do that before I get it - that its not there! lol... I'll probably get it the day before I return the car and get my MM back.

Just thankful I have something to drive... dats all. ;)


Bone said...

Seems the harder I try to avoid such mishaps with a new car, the more they happen.

Hope that you get your precious MM back and you're riding high again soon.

Kerry said...

Thanks Bone... I miss my MM. I get attached to my vehicles and I miss them when I dont have them. Does everyone do that?

I like ridin high ;)