Monday, July 31, 2006

The Floor Show

The brick building adjacent to mine has been undergoing extensive renovation this summer. Naturally, this job falls to scruffy, hirsute construction workers and with the arrival of construction workers comes intense girl-watching. A tiny energizing spark to their otherwise humdrum existence has been gathering together in a cluster around the bed of a beat-up dark blue pickup truck with smokes in one hand and cups of coffee in the other as they synchronize watches in anticipation of the ‘amusing antics performed by arriving trained seals.’ Yes folks, we female office workers as a whole have proved to be an entertaining bunch, holding male gawkers transfixed as they focus their rapt attention on our hasty, early morning entrance to work. One can feel those ogling eyes glued to curvy forms sporting cleavage-baring tops, short clingy skirts, and leg-enhancing strappy sandals as we wiggle and jiggle our way into the building. One recent morning as I wobbled my way toward the hallowed doors I lost my precarious footing as I climbed the steps and came perilously close to doing a header right into the brick wall. My that was graceful! Fortunately for me, my dignity remained untarnished and intact as I was thankfully out of view and replaced by other incoming nubile forms currently holding center stage. Though avoiding a bleeding head wound and probable concussion, I did not escape unscathed. During our dreaded daily meetingathon, I happened to glance down at my ladylike crossed legs to discover ripped pantyhose on both toes and one bleeding tootsie! Furtively stealing a glance at my male coworkers to check their degree of observation, I froze my legs in that position so as not to draw unwanted attention. It wasn’t until much later that I learned the tech who had walked beside me into work had noticed but wisely decided not to add to my mortification. Good man.

These are the tantalizing choices currently offered on our former website instead of mindless verbiage the tipsy trio eschews. I believe our beloved Bone mournfully confessed to breaking down and purchasing vast quantities of aluminum extrusions. Whatever they are...

Aluminum Extrusions
Aluminum Casting
Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum Sheet
Aluminum Tubing
Scrap Metal
Sheet Metal

Leo July 23 - August 22
With the help of a Native American tracker and a reasonably fresh trail, you will hunt down just where in Michigan those elegant, pointed-toe heels are sold.


Bone said...

Ah, it's so good to have you back. One of the highlights of my day as well ;-)

I just thought you and Ker had decided to do something more profitable than blogging :)

Circe said...

Bone, darlin, define..."more profitable"? *EG*

Ker and I have many talents! But we so love blogging and our blog people that we couldn't bear to stay away.