Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hear this, Grant!

It's no secret that Grant likes Asian girls. I guess I shouldn't say girls. Women would be a better choice of words... at least over the age of 18. Every day this week i've gone to my physical therapy session and every day I am greeted by a different woman (they have all been between the ages of 25 and 35). Today's session was with the cutest little asian woman. As I laid on the table with suction cup electric pulsing things all over my back and her massaging the rest of my back with a vibrating electric pulsing thing, I thought of Grant and how he'd love to me right about now (minus the car accident of course). She was cute cute cute and had a sparkling personality to boot with clean teeth! (I always check out the teeth... cant stand dirty teeth! eewww)

We chatted about the accident and about how other drivers can be complete idiots. She shared some of her accident stories and we laughed at the little quirky things we do after an accident because you're a little sheepish for a while. I'm hoping that I get her again so I can ask if she has a website. An Asian Girl website... yes, Grant would like that ;)


Circe said...

OMG would he ever! No ring on her finger I take it? Okiehomie to George-a, come in Georgia! ;)

Grant said...

If no web site, at least get a few pics of the two of you making out.

Kerry said...

okay! I'll go armed with a digital camera and just as she gets all into rubbing me down i'll flip over quickly and grab her and ... you know... and get some pictures for you!