Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bumper Update

Yesterday I got all checked out and x-rayed at the Accident Clinic (has some other long name but can't remember it right now, which by the way is caused by this accident - short term memory loss). During my initial assessment, they asked me if i had suffered any memory loss. I said "I cant remember". lol... Really I think I had because all weekend Sheri kept commenting that I couldnt remember squat. But I just think it was because I had alot on my mind. Either way.... i'm fine.

They determined that I needed a week of muscle therapy and then they'd reassess me. Today was day two of therapy and I feel soooo good! That, coupled with painkillers and muscle relaxers... I am sailing right along! I get to lay on this table with my face in a hole and they put sticky prickly suction cup things all over my back and little shocks of electricity flow thru them. At the same time, the little lady is running some massager thing all over my back and neck. Then i'm covered with hot molten lava - not really, but it feels like it. Its hot compresses of some sort. It feels so good!

Since the wreck i've had the hardest time sleeping. Every time i'd move i'd wake up due to back/neck pain. This morning I started out of bed and fully expected to crawl to the bathroon like I had been, but I sat up and there was no pain, no aches, no crackling of the back and neck. Whooohoo! I'm hoping this whole injury thing is short lived and i'm back to 100% quickly.

Things look good on the vehicle/insurance front too! Its all working out *saying thank you prayer*


Anonymous said...

I didn't know yoiu were in a accident. It sounds like you got hurt but hopefully you will be back to be 100% soon!


Kerry said...

The physical therapy is doing wonders! They said it would be a few weeks before i was back to normal but I feel so much better now than I did over the weekend.

Now... if I could just get my MM fixed.