Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hang Ten

Continuing my dating adventures brings us to the wacky redhead from Virginia, Steve. While not exactly the cutest(ok, he wasn't THIS bad!), he was probably the funniest of the bunch with the most endearing personality. This time a tangle of red hair flopped down over blue (or hazel--drawing a blank on precise color) lighthearted, playful eyes. I met him and his buddy Vos on the beach surfing and things kicked into high gear. Quite the wave rider, he thought it was totally awesome where I resided and I felt the same about his area (Hampton). One weekend we decided to go hang out in his neck of the woods so we took off in his orange VW Beetle. I failed to tell the fam of this spur of the moment travel decision resulting in the police being notified, but I digress. That night we pulled over into a school parking lot on the Virginia side and grabbed some shut eye. Early that morning we were rudely awakened by a Virginia law enforcement officer resolutely demanding that we vacant the premises. Both of us were really broke so we mostly chilled at his family’s gorgeous house overlooking Chesapeake Bay as we scrounged for food. We even engaged in a little panhandling at the mall. Later that night we headed for Vos’ domicile and cranked up the tunes in his attic hideaway, vainly scouring the place for some smoking pleasure. He was completely out or this would have been my initial introduction to demon weed. *gasp* I think we must have scored some brewskies at some point as I distinctly recall tumbling into a concealed ditch by the side of the darkened road thus muddying my attractive orange shorts ensemble. (Note: Ditch-diving—a repetitive occurrence in my impetuous youth). The following morning we decided to head back to NC and aborted our ‘Hampton Roads Excellent Adventure.’ Our courtship pretty much ended at this point though we did occasionally talk on the phone. I’m sure wave wanderlust lured him back down to my eighty miles of kitty litter vicinity in search of the perfect curl but we never again locked lips or eyeballs. Steve, if you are out there, Circe hopes and prays you are still “hanging ten.” ;)


Bone said...

Aw, I was hoping this was going to be a Carrot Top bashing post.

I've been meaning to do another one of these ex-posts as well.

Circe said...

I could do a Carrot Top bashing one....maybe another time, sweetie!