Saturday, February 02, 2008

Last night, right off the bat our class got in trouble for not being loud enough and we had to 'drop and give him 25' before class could get started. He's hardass. Which is how he produces fit athletes I suppose!

I ran an 8 minute mile for my PT test last night! It was blistery cold and the wind was brutal. My lungs were burning and my lips dry (cuz I licked off all my chapstick during warmup which consisted of a million kabillion jumping jacks and various stretches plus situps and pushups). I managed to come in a few seconds faster than the girl that's in the military. Hooray for me!

Our Drill Sgt didn't instruct us, but instead he's assigned another instructor to our night class. She's in the National Guard and is hoping to go on Active Duty. Major Pain (and I mean that he inflicts pain... not that HE is a pain. I really like the guy. He's loud and hard and a great motivator!) was around and he'd pop out and join us every now and then and make sure we were performing up to his standards.

Important thing... I'm not so sore I can't get up and down off the potty without using assistance!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Imagine That

Take this test!

Looking for the perfect Bergdorf Goodman dishes to match your impeccable kitchen? Shopping at Tiffany's for a new string of pearls? Fantasizing about the perfect job as a New York City art gallery owner? Maybe not exactly, but when it comes to a refined taste and a sweetness like no other, you're just like Charlotte!

Of course you aren't all sugar; you've definitely got a tough heart under that pretty cashmere sweater, but you are probably happiest when you are surrounded by supportive relationships and a great romance (you only get two, you know!) So live it up, because you deserve nothing but the best in life, whether it's fine china or true love. Now that's some good taste!

The Green Mile

Tonight is the PT test.

I went to the gym last night to see if I could run a mile... I havent run a mile since baby Z was born. I just havent pushed myself to that yet (so bootcamp is what I needed to get the push). I did it! I checked in at the counter, hit the treadmill and ran. I pumped the mile out easy!

I know tonights mile is outside and running outside is alot different than doing it with the comfort of a treadmill, but at least I know I have it in me.

Pushups... that's a different story. I hope we only have to do like 5. 10 max.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On the Mend

I did it!!!

I climbed the stairs to my office this morning without holding onto the railing for fear that my bootcamped legs would give out. I have also successfuly gone down the stairs (twice) without grabbing the railings to try to keep from feeling sharp razor like pains darting through my thigh muscles. I'm healed!

Just in time for Friday's PT test.

I spoke with the guy at work about his bootcamp experience. This is his second month to do it. He threw up the first three days, and has gone back for more! He said the first week isnt nearly as bad as orientation... but it does get harder. We chatted about this as I was leaving for the day and he followed me out the door... laughing... and said "I know exactly how you feel! My butt hurt for days after I did that class. Almost to the point I couldnt sit!"

I've also found another girl downstairs that has enrolled in the same bootcamp... so hopefully she'll go the same times I go and I'll have some support from someone I know!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Biggest Loser

I just found out that a guy I work with has been going to bootcamp too. He's lost 30 pounds!

dayum!!!! Gettin all buff and stuff!

One of our rules of camp is not to weigh yourself. Weight is not a good indicator of fitness. He would be in twubble!!! hehe

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not for The Weak

Boot Camp Orientation was this afternoon.


If this was just a 'taste' of what we'll do, he's going to be hauling most of the classes off to the ER for resuscitation!

I stood in our Orientation with Drill Sgt Steve (Mike, Bob... whatever his name is!) and although he's loud and screams at us and has not one ounce of fat on his terribly muscular body, he smiles and gives you encouragement. Loud encouragement. And follows it up with you will probably feel like puking and passing out. Please dont puke on my mats or you will be cleaning it up. UGH.

Although this was an informational day, he wanted to give us a sample of what to expect. We started off by doing jumping-jacks. At his speed. At his count.

We were doing 50... piece of cake I thought. His count is "1,2,3," and on his "3" we say "1". Then he counts again "1,2,3" and on his "3" we say "2". Get the idea!? So for every 3.... we are doing just one! So we're really doing 150!!! Everything is counted off like that. By the time he was done with our sample class, we were all huffing and puffing and red-faced and I swear some were on the verge of tears! I feel for the couple people who obviously have never exercised a day in their lives. This is going to do them in.