Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not for The Weak

Boot Camp Orientation was this afternoon.


If this was just a 'taste' of what we'll do, he's going to be hauling most of the classes off to the ER for resuscitation!

I stood in our Orientation with Drill Sgt Steve (Mike, Bob... whatever his name is!) and although he's loud and screams at us and has not one ounce of fat on his terribly muscular body, he smiles and gives you encouragement. Loud encouragement. And follows it up with you will probably feel like puking and passing out. Please dont puke on my mats or you will be cleaning it up. UGH.

Although this was an informational day, he wanted to give us a sample of what to expect. We started off by doing jumping-jacks. At his speed. At his count.

We were doing 50... piece of cake I thought. His count is "1,2,3," and on his "3" we say "1". Then he counts again "1,2,3" and on his "3" we say "2". Get the idea!? So for every 3.... we are doing just one! So we're really doing 150!!! Everything is counted off like that. By the time he was done with our sample class, we were all huffing and puffing and red-faced and I swear some were on the verge of tears! I feel for the couple people who obviously have never exercised a day in their lives. This is going to do them in.


Eileen Dover said...

Uhh, I don't think I can do one push-up. I couldn't imagine doing 150.

How are your arms today?

グラント said...

Ha ha ha wusbag! I'm going to enjoy these posts. The military usually does four-count exercises for everything, especially jacks and pushups. If they feel like getting cruel, they'll switch to eight-count.

The exercise and shouting is the part you have to endure to get to play with the tanks and learn how / get paid to kill. Sounds like you're getting the worst of it without the benefits, although I doubt it will be like when I joined. We didn't have sissy things like the 40 degree rule.

Angela said...

Sounds tough
Sounds tiring
Sounds like I am out of shape
Have fun!

Kerry said...

Eileen: My arms are fine, but my legs are two limp noodles! I'm having a hard time climbing the stairs... and even worse is going down!

Symbol guy: My pain bringing back some memories!? hehe I wish we were getting to play with tanks after all this is over. There are a few people I'd like to run down ;)

Thank God for the 40 degree rule! I could choose to do all the indoor sessions though and totally skip the outdoors. But i'll do outdoors to change it up some. I doubt any two days will be the same... except for the pain.

Angela: Thanks. I'll try to enjoy it!