Saturday, February 02, 2008

Last night, right off the bat our class got in trouble for not being loud enough and we had to 'drop and give him 25' before class could get started. He's hardass. Which is how he produces fit athletes I suppose!

I ran an 8 minute mile for my PT test last night! It was blistery cold and the wind was brutal. My lungs were burning and my lips dry (cuz I licked off all my chapstick during warmup which consisted of a million kabillion jumping jacks and various stretches plus situps and pushups). I managed to come in a few seconds faster than the girl that's in the military. Hooray for me!

Our Drill Sgt didn't instruct us, but instead he's assigned another instructor to our night class. She's in the National Guard and is hoping to go on Active Duty. Major Pain (and I mean that he inflicts pain... not that HE is a pain. I really like the guy. He's loud and hard and a great motivator!) was around and he'd pop out and join us every now and then and make sure we were performing up to his standards.

Important thing... I'm not so sore I can't get up and down off the potty without using assistance!


グラント said...

I was slow and could only manage 14 minutes on our 2 mile runs. Also, I wasn't much of a top athlete - only 50 something pushups and 60 something situps during our two minute trial. But I made up for it by being a natural at killing.

Kerry said...

Dang! I hope to some day do two miles in 14 minutes too! :)

It's lovely that the military helped you find your natural abilities. lol

Angela said...

good luck
just another reminder that I am out of shape