Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Body by Kat

Bootcamp was actually fun last night! Thanks to this great Oklahoma weather, it was a nice 78 degrees yesterday and we got to head outdoors to work our little hiney's off. Note: Today its rainy and cold (about 38) and suppose to snow a bit. We ran, literally, outside to the big field by our building where Drill Sgt. Steve had set up an obstacle course. We divided into three teams and ran different drills... racing each other. We had a ball! Its hilarious to watch each other try to do the crab walk and bunny hop and side shuffles across a big patch of grass! Regardless, it was quite a workout.

The fresh air was so nice!

I do think I have an admirer in class. There is one female instructor that seems a little bit sweet on yours truly. One of my classmates pointed it out to me and then I got to thinking about previous conversations i've had with her and her being so patient with my logging screw-ups... yet not so patient with others. The little smiles and winks are a bit odd too.


グラント said...

Yay - military lesbian sex! I'm going to want photos for that post. Is she Asian?

Drill Sgt. Steve - things have definitely changed. Our sergeants did not have first names - they were only issued last names and perpetual anger when released from the hatchery.

Kerry said...

No... she isn't Asian! lol Next time she smacks me on the butt or gives me a wink, i'll be sure to get pictures. That's about as close to me as she's getting!