Monday, July 27, 2009

Some RAGBRAI pictures

Hairball performed in one of the pass-thru towns. If you ever get the chance... see them. What a great show!

Richard, Me, Sheri and John after we'd finished 7 days of RAGBRAI

Me and Sal SO happy that the week has ended. We successfully rode the 442 miles, dipped our tires and now taking our aching legs back to the bus/Coach. This was the first time i'd ridden with Sal... what a hoot! He's from New York and has that sassy New Yorker attitude. LOVE IT!!!

Our group, including Larry and Troy (our drivers). We wouldn't have made it without those guys driving the bus and Coach every morning to our next overnight town, setting up and getting ready for us when we pedaled into town. Then tearing it all down the next morning and moving to the next town in time to be ready for us when we pedaled in again. They made it all so much easier!!!

One of the many HELL hills.

Our bikes all lined up nice & neat... ready to roll out the next morning.

Me and Mac enjoying the expo!

Our cycling club, Blood, Sweat & Gears, on the morning of the first day of RAGBRAI