Friday, October 27, 2006

I've got Wind Blown Hair

Another busy week at the office has almost come to a close. *jumping for joy* I hired a new technician and he's slated to begin in a week or so. He seemed really excited and pumped when I talked to him on the phone, but he has no idea how excited and pumped we are! The whole process of losing a very valuable employee, interviewing candidates, evaluating the position and what to offer, the offer and all the HR rig-a-muh-row wears a person out.

So to help unwind (I know a little prematurely, but technically isnt thursday night considered the weekend!?!?), last night I had a date with a young strapping stud-muffin who catered to my every whim. His cologne made me weak in the knees and willing to give myself whole-heartedly to his every demand. Gazing into his baby blue eyes made me stumble on my words. He was so attentive... I could have sworn I was the only girl in the room.

Yep, my darling hubby took me out last night.

We went to our favorite little hangout and chattered away with each other and some of our friends as they would pass through. Surprisingly, I feel pretty good today considering how late it was when we got home. I'm thinking maybe Thursday nights are the nights for us! It was just a few weeks ago when we went out (Thursday night) with GFR and I felt pretty good on the Friday afterwards.

I get to see GFR next weekend! *cheerleader jump* I can't wait! When we're together... its all trouble. Its so exciting!

Keys to the Kingdom

Dear sexy GFR created a terrific post yesterday on his MyBlinkyCrapSpace blog and I enjoyed it so much I asked permission to share it with our bloggers-in-arms. We just may need to occasionally have this witty male guest blog for us. Therefore, without further ado, here it is for your reading pleasure.

"I changed jobs back in May at the “Little ol’ College” from faculty and webmaster to full time IT staff. In the IT department there are many projects which involve me going from building to building and room to room working on switches, computers, ITV equipment and anything else faculty/staff can dream up. Plus, as a bonus, I get to convert our existing website from an information site to a portal.

As a faculty member I had three keys, two master keys and a computer lab key. I never used the master keys for anything other than my office and the outside door to the building I was in. I could have used the master keys for just about every building on campus but had no need to since all I did was taught and hang out in one building. At the “Little ol’ College” there are four master keys (which many people have) that will let you into 90% of the buildings and rooms. The 10% that the masters won’t let you into are special rooms with either dangerous chemicals or rooms with expensive equipment.

In May when my job description changed I had to turn in my faculty keys for staff keys. I figured staff keys would consist of the four master keys and the audio/video room keys since my new duties would consist of me going into a lot of different buildings and rooms. Man, was I wrong!

Now I have 13 keys (yes you read that correctly) and I can hardly get into my own office. I have six; count them six keys to get into my current office. One key is to enter the building, a key for the east IT department door, another key for the west IT department door, a key for the stairway door, a key for my office door and another key for the IT closet door. The key to enter the building is the best key in this set, as it will not open the outside door coming into the building from the parking lot (that would make too much sense) it opens the one closest to the IT department which is halfway around the building from the parking lot.

The other seven keys have no use whatsoever unless the building and/or room are already open. I have a key for an audio/video room in a large conference room. Not a key for the building of or the actual conference room, just the audio/video room. I also have individual keys for ITV rooms but not the ones used most or that have the most trouble. To round out this set is keys to two computer labs. Why they are not keyed the same is beyond me? They are literally right across the hall from one another. The best key in this set would have to be to an ITV classroom that does not exist any longer. Why this key is even being issued is a mystery!?

The reason for all these keys can be summed up as pure “politics”. Actually pure might be too good of an adjective I think it is more impure…To conclude, if you are reading this and work with me, make sure to unlock your building and office if you need my help!

Note: The “Lone Ranger”, down the hall from me, never leaves his office and he has the four master keys! Life is wonderful, try not to close your eyes, something funny might happen..."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Silly Spider

We have been experiencing work email ‘issues’ all week (which may help explain my irregular posting) and while scooting over to help another assistant retrieve a pic I had sent her, a new voicemail arrived. Nothing unusual there. Much to my surprise it was from the Spider informing me she would be out of the office all next week and would I put out a mass group voicemail informing everyone of her being the featured entertainment at a local establishment this weekend. Excuse me? This is related to work, how? We are in the education not entertainment business and while I realize they both start with the letter “E,” they are worlds apart. And where in my job description does it state that I am to further your moonlighting ventures? Furthermore, I refuse to abuse the voicemail privileges bestowed upon me by plugging personal agendas of Chaos College employees. I shot back a nicely worded voicemail informing her I was unable (let alone willing, not that I voiced that...) to carry out her atypical request. As I mentioned in a previous post, one word succinctly sums up the Spider"cajones". BIG ONES.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mod Chip

Check it out kids! Richard has been working on our other site... a little here and there...

I like the modifications he's made. I can't wait til the day we're all one again and all our posts are together! It's been a slow process... you know with soccer and all. Other things too... full time jobs, the gym, friends, more soccer, etc.

Wearisome Weekend

Once again I barely caught my breath as the weekend was so crammed with activities. Friday, TBC, sis, "J" and I went to a lively concert, downed vast quantities of weak beer and boogied in the darkened balcony. It was sis’s idea. I refrained from making a total spectacle of myself and didn’t take a header down the stairs so I considered it a good night. :) An Elvis impersonator tried to pick sis up and when I teased her mercilessly she tartly informed me he had been eyeing me initially. Yikes!

Though blustery and cold, "S" and I trekked southward Saturday, to try out a fairly new shopping center in our search for the perfect outfit for a formal soirĂ©e we will attend in November. We had a great time checking out the majority of the establishments but truly wished a coffee shop had been located close by. A few spaces in the complex are available so this would make the perfect addition. I came away with a snug, curve-hugging gray pinstriped pantsuit and for the actual party, a gorgeous low cut, ruffly black blouse to go with a long, slinky black skirt I already own. I think the necklace and earring set I purchased at the staff development conference may be the perfect complement. Now for shoes. I’m going to try on several pairs of strappy heels I already own and see if any fill the bill. Later that evening I caught Charlie’s Angels on TV and though I’ve watched it at the movies, I felt compelled to park my tired ass in front of the boob tube and watch it again.

Sunday found me gorging on a bounteous Mexican repast followed by sloth-like lazing around watching Netflix movies. I won’t bore you with specific, gory details but I watched the old standby American Graffiti and the new Pink Panther. Though I’m not crazy about the music of that bygone era, or the pukey clothing for that matter, I do enjoy watching the interaction of Toad and Debbie and the acting chops of Richard Dreyfuss. The Pink Panther was okay but nothing to rave about and though I love Steve Martin and Kevin Kline, it’s pretty sad when your favorite part is where the huge globe goes rolling off its stand and heads out the door to wreak havoc with unsuspecting humans. I’ve forgotten what’s up next on the Netflix hit list, but I promise to keep you posted.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Big Fat Greek Day

First of all, today wasn't colder than yesterday! Once again i'm reminded of why I used to ignore the weather guy.

The Greek Festival rocked! We joined St George's Greek Orthodox Church for Greek Food, Greek Dancing, and Greek Fun. We learned about the Greek Culture and toured the Greek Orthodox Church. That sure is alot of Greek...

When we walked thru the tent doors immediately to our left was a Boulevard Wheat beer stand. I wasn't aware that there would be liquid refreshment available but as we walked thru the church, little old grandpas were walking around with their brews in hand. That was just weird to me. I was brought up in a Penticostal church and that does NOT happen there!

We toured the sanctuary and listened to a spill about the religion and why the place is decorated the way it is, and what each icon represents, etc. It was really interesting! We gobbled on all the pastries, taste tested their 'wine' (which is the nastiest licorice biting horrible liquor stuff), scarfed down Gyros, watched dancers and listened to music. A six course meal was available but we opted not to just snack on all the different food items available outside. Calamari was a hit. Ok, maybe not at first... Richard and Sheri had to bribe me to sample it. I'm not a fan of weird food... and to me that is weird, but for another liquid refreshment drink, i'll sample it :)

I love Baklava and all variations of it. There was also a Baklava roll which was scrumptious... and had chocolate drizzled over the top. To a chocoholic, this is so yummy!

Next month there is a Festival at St Elijah's I think we'll visit.... get us all cultured like.