Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wearisome Weekend

Once again I barely caught my breath as the weekend was so crammed with activities. Friday, TBC, sis, "J" and I went to a lively concert, downed vast quantities of weak beer and boogied in the darkened balcony. It was sis’s idea. I refrained from making a total spectacle of myself and didn’t take a header down the stairs so I considered it a good night. :) An Elvis impersonator tried to pick sis up and when I teased her mercilessly she tartly informed me he had been eyeing me initially. Yikes!

Though blustery and cold, "S" and I trekked southward Saturday, to try out a fairly new shopping center in our search for the perfect outfit for a formal soirĂ©e we will attend in November. We had a great time checking out the majority of the establishments but truly wished a coffee shop had been located close by. A few spaces in the complex are available so this would make the perfect addition. I came away with a snug, curve-hugging gray pinstriped pantsuit and for the actual party, a gorgeous low cut, ruffly black blouse to go with a long, slinky black skirt I already own. I think the necklace and earring set I purchased at the staff development conference may be the perfect complement. Now for shoes. I’m going to try on several pairs of strappy heels I already own and see if any fill the bill. Later that evening I caught Charlie’s Angels on TV and though I’ve watched it at the movies, I felt compelled to park my tired ass in front of the boob tube and watch it again.

Sunday found me gorging on a bounteous Mexican repast followed by sloth-like lazing around watching Netflix movies. I won’t bore you with specific, gory details but I watched the old standby American Graffiti and the new Pink Panther. Though I’m not crazy about the music of that bygone era, or the pukey clothing for that matter, I do enjoy watching the interaction of Toad and Debbie and the acting chops of Richard Dreyfuss. The Pink Panther was okay but nothing to rave about and though I love Steve Martin and Kevin Kline, it’s pretty sad when your favorite part is where the huge globe goes rolling off its stand and heads out the door to wreak havoc with unsuspecting humans. I’ve forgotten what’s up next on the Netflix hit list, but I promise to keep you posted.


Traveling Chica said...

Someone has a new addiction...

Bone said...

Bone likes strappy heels.