Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Big Fat Greek Day

First of all, today wasn't colder than yesterday! Once again i'm reminded of why I used to ignore the weather guy.

The Greek Festival rocked! We joined St George's Greek Orthodox Church for Greek Food, Greek Dancing, and Greek Fun. We learned about the Greek Culture and toured the Greek Orthodox Church. That sure is alot of Greek...

When we walked thru the tent doors immediately to our left was a Boulevard Wheat beer stand. I wasn't aware that there would be liquid refreshment available but as we walked thru the church, little old grandpas were walking around with their brews in hand. That was just weird to me. I was brought up in a Penticostal church and that does NOT happen there!

We toured the sanctuary and listened to a spill about the religion and why the place is decorated the way it is, and what each icon represents, etc. It was really interesting! We gobbled on all the pastries, taste tested their 'wine' (which is the nastiest licorice biting horrible liquor stuff), scarfed down Gyros, watched dancers and listened to music. A six course meal was available but we opted not to just snack on all the different food items available outside. Calamari was a hit. Ok, maybe not at first... Richard and Sheri had to bribe me to sample it. I'm not a fan of weird food... and to me that is weird, but for another liquid refreshment drink, i'll sample it :)

I love Baklava and all variations of it. There was also a Baklava roll which was scrumptious... and had chocolate drizzled over the top. To a chocoholic, this is so yummy!

Next month there is a Festival at St Elijah's I think we'll visit.... get us all cultured like.


Traveling Chica said...

I love cultural experiences... especially those that include "adult beverages." :)

I can't do calamari: I've tried it a couple of times, but even when I was living in Spain, I just don't like it. So good for you for giving it a shot!

Wombat said...

Mmmmm wheat beer and calamari.
Yum! Cubed.

Kerry said...

TC: Thank you! I think I did good by choking down a piece.

I love the Boulevard though!