Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mr Cullen

Richard and I tippy-toed out of the house Saturday night about midnight-ish to finally go see Twilight. I say we have to tip-toe because if baby Z knows we're going... she wants to go too! She's a "goer".

Robert Pattinson is my new crush! Johnny Depp is still my number one, but Robert... or should I say Edward... currently makes my heart flutter! Something about his pastey white skin and piercing eyes and super strength and tender, loving, kind heart that makes me melt. I remember watching Interview with a Vampire, and being in love with a vampire then... but this, THIS is SO much better!!! LOVE HIM. GO SEE IT! I can't wait for movie #2

Sunday, December 21, 2008

In The Beginning

Christmas is here! Just a couple of days and we'll be sitting around the tree sipping on hot chocolate or (drink of your choice) and opening gifts. All the hustle and bustle we've done over the past month, will be over in a few short minutes. In our efforts to take a minute to "stop and smell the roses"... basically take a breather... we headed to Bricktown friday night to relax! Dinner at Zio's and a walk along the canal and club hopping. What a good time!