Friday, February 08, 2008

Let the Fun Begin

Thank God it's Friday!

We had a wonderful first full week at baby Z's new daycare.

I had three awesome days at butt-kicking bootcamp (still sore from Wednesday, but it was a great workout).

And, we have a sitter for tonight and we're going out! YES!!!!

I know Drill Sgt Steve would be very upset if he knew I had dipped into the sauce, but it's important for my mental well being. A Boulevard wheat, with lemon, is calling my name. Wednesday night one of our classmates got punished because he'd gone out with his buddies the night before and had beer after beer. As a class, we decided that if he got punished... we'd all take the punishment. So, for two minutes we all "sat" in chairs up against the wall. If you've ever worked out in gym class or with a trainer... you know what i'm talking about. You 'sit' against the wall and hold yourself up with your legs. Its terribly painful and two minutes after working legs hard for 45 minutes is excruciating!

We told him that next time he better invite us along so we can at least pay for something we did! lol

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Last Woman Standing


Tonight's workout was awesome! It was not easy by any means, but it was good! We had sweat dripping and slinging from here to there. Something about a bungie wrapped around your waist and someone pulling on it hard while you try to run or skip or lunge or do flipping bear crawls, makes you sweat bullets!

I think i've mentioned before (maybe not but not double checking my posts) that we get punished for being late to class or not filling out our workbooks completely or saying the word 'cant' or giving up, etc. Tonight was a night when we couldnt do anything right. We were dropping and pumping out sets of pushups constantly! About the 8th or 9th set of 25 pushups, we'd had enough of them and begged to do something different. Squats, situps, lunges... anything but pushups!

So, cutie patootie leader guy (there are always 3 or 4 of them in class) decides its a great idea to do these speed jogging things where you do baby jogging steps in place at super speed then drop and do a pushup, then jump back up and do baby jogging steps at super speed, drop... repeat... I can't remember what they are called but you see football teams doing them in warmup. Anyhoooo... he wanted us to do 25.

At about 10, most of the group, including one instructor, had stopped and were doing situps. At 12, he said "lets just do 15". At 15, it was just me, hotsie totsy leader guy and one other girl. She and I could have continued on.. we both felt pretty good. They are by no means easy and are cumbersome, but we could have done them. He said "i'm going to throw up". Another instructor blew her whistle and yelled "get back in line and lets run another race!" He said "no really, i'm going to throw up" and with that he ran to the bathroom and blllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

He made himself sick *giggle*

Body by Kat

Bootcamp was actually fun last night! Thanks to this great Oklahoma weather, it was a nice 78 degrees yesterday and we got to head outdoors to work our little hiney's off. Note: Today its rainy and cold (about 38) and suppose to snow a bit. We ran, literally, outside to the big field by our building where Drill Sgt. Steve had set up an obstacle course. We divided into three teams and ran different drills... racing each other. We had a ball! Its hilarious to watch each other try to do the crab walk and bunny hop and side shuffles across a big patch of grass! Regardless, it was quite a workout.

The fresh air was so nice!

I do think I have an admirer in class. There is one female instructor that seems a little bit sweet on yours truly. One of my classmates pointed it out to me and then I got to thinking about previous conversations i've had with her and her being so patient with my logging screw-ups... yet not so patient with others. The little smiles and winks are a bit odd too.