Friday, February 08, 2008

Let the Fun Begin

Thank God it's Friday!

We had a wonderful first full week at baby Z's new daycare.

I had three awesome days at butt-kicking bootcamp (still sore from Wednesday, but it was a great workout).

And, we have a sitter for tonight and we're going out! YES!!!!

I know Drill Sgt Steve would be very upset if he knew I had dipped into the sauce, but it's important for my mental well being. A Boulevard wheat, with lemon, is calling my name. Wednesday night one of our classmates got punished because he'd gone out with his buddies the night before and had beer after beer. As a class, we decided that if he got punished... we'd all take the punishment. So, for two minutes we all "sat" in chairs up against the wall. If you've ever worked out in gym class or with a trainer... you know what i'm talking about. You 'sit' against the wall and hold yourself up with your legs. Its terribly painful and two minutes after working legs hard for 45 minutes is excruciating!

We told him that next time he better invite us along so we can at least pay for something we did! lol

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TC said...

I think it's awesome you all took the fall with him though :)

Glad to hear things are going well at Lil November's new daycare!