Sunday, February 10, 2008

We did It!

We successfully completed our first full week at our new babysitters house and I can say we’re all smiles about it!

Baby Z seems really happy there. Richard usually drops her off in the mornings and he says that he walks in and the sitter picks baby Z up and she’s happy as a little lark! When I pick her up in the evenings, she is so content. She’s clean and fed and clean (did I mention that?!). H is very particular about her baby toys and equipment and about her babies! She covers all the seats with towels before she lays a baby in them (swings, bouncies, etc) and she has bibs on them to try to keep their clothes clean. In the event there is a mess we’ve provided her with a couple of changes of clothes so she can keep them smelling Bounce fresh… and she does!

Our sweet bundle is known to poop sideways and up the front and out the back - sometimes in one quick squirt - and she did that this week. H gave her a bath and cleaned her all up so when we picked her up, we had a squeeky clean baby!

I’m seeing a nice Christmas bonus for H this year if she keeps that baby happy!

Saturday morning she called to check on Z and make sure that the week had gone well as far as we were concerned. She said that Z is “a wonderful baby and she is so sweet“. She said she’s perfectly fine at her house and things had gone really well and wanted to make sure she had a good week!

I thought that was nice she thought about us and checked. I think we scored well on this one!

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