Friday, August 17, 2007

You Big Boob!

Bein's how i'm preggers and all.... I not only grow in my belly, but the boobage gets bigger too!

I love that for sure! Richard certainly hasn't complained... but this week the whole world has made note of the twins.

Yesterday morning I was asked to a 'meeting' about something that did NOT warrant a meeting. It was something that could have been mentioned in an email... but the guys seemed to enjoy talking to me. One even mentioned that I had a nice top on.

Then, I go to lunch with Richard. I sat across from him jabbering away... while his eyes gazed at my chest. I looked down... looked back at him... he said "I can't help it! They are just there!" ugh

So, i grabbed them and did a little jiggle for him.

Later in the afternoon I stopped to speak with one of my big bosses and while I was talking he'd look at my eyes.... then my left boob, right boob, back to my eyes, left boob, right boob... the entire time I was there!


This morning, I head to another location with a tech and while we're there fixing a scanner, the operator gets to chatting with me. I immediately notice that he's having problems finding my eyes... heck he cant even find my face at all. But he has found my boobs. The tech looks at me, looks at him... back to me. He's noticed that the guy is having problems.

After our job is done, we walk into the break room to gather our things and tech says "um, did you notice that the driver had a hard time finding your face!? You need a shirt that says THOSE ARENT MY EYES" HAHAHAH

I hope they stay this way :) I like the big... hehe I should use this time to my advantage.... maybe i can get some things that i've beeen wanting (at work ;)

Color Me Crimson

A newly-hatched academic year kicks off here at Chaos College as faculty hath returned. Following close on their scholarly heels will be the fresh batch of quivering collegians doggedly determined to push their collective noses against the educational grindstone and take their studies seriously. *chuckles* Who am I kidding? Actually they will concentrate on getting wasted and laid, and not necessarily in that order. Things will be frenzied and frantic for the next several weeks, so please bear (rwwrr) with me, mmkay?

Monday night I attempted a French manicure on myself. While it didn’t turn out too horribly, it most definitely looks like the work of a rank amateur. I’m hoping practice makes perfect. Yeah, I've removed it already and am sporting silver talons today.

My exterminating notoriety ("guillotine of death") has expanded to include Cardinal Killer. Yeah, I was driving to town last Sunday and there sat this vibrant male cardinal standing smack in the middle of the road, probably nursing a nasty hangover from the night before, trying to remember how to get home, dreading the inevitable quarrel with the missus regarding his nocturnal whereabouts. Trickling its way through his birdbrained haze came the realization that a vehicle was heading straight for him and he’d better quickly dash out of harm’s way. However, his tiny, feathery synapses weren’t all firing in birdy synchronicity and he flew headlong into the SUV of Death resulting in one colorful, crimson lifeless corpse lying in an ignominious heap on the roadway. Poor guy.

And speaking of red, faculty and staff are gloriously bedecked in our matching ruby Freshman Orientation t-shirt glory (Sveltana is modeling the shirt. That is the back view) topped off with jeans/gauchos/shorts/slacks/hula skirts, etc. Personally, I’m wearing navy blue capris that are giving me a serious wedgie. In less than an hour, a picnic motif meal will be served in the cafeteria for all to enjoy and I for one can’t wait to wolf down this most excellent cuisine. Yeah for Friday!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tulum Ruins

While we were in Mexico, we took a ferry to mainland, rented a car (previous post shows POS) and drove to Tulum to visit the ruins. They sit on the coast and surrounded by the most beautiful beaches!

I have to start off with the best picture of all. Us!!! hehe

This is looking north towards Playa (but you can't see Playa)

Me... pausing to look at Richard... taking a picture of us walking... and it's flippin' hot!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Penis's Have Personality

Richard scored us passes to the Premiere of Superbad, so last night we joined what seemed like 100's of others, to preview the good Superbad.

Security to get in the theatre was more than what we experience at the airport. One at a time (or a couple) they checked cell phones and if you had a recording device, they took your phone, tagged it, and placed it in a big pink bag for you to retrieve after the showing. They searched purses and then once you were past this point, they actually scanned you with a metal detector. We both passed :)

Rich and I anxiously awaited the start of the movie by munching on our popcorn and woofing down a diet coke (we were starving for some dinner!) It began.... penis and va-gay-gay conversations everywhere! This is not a movie for the children! Leave the innocent precious angels at home. It is definitely a movie for those with sick minds (like us) who love movies like Knocked Up, American Pie and Porky's (old school).

Sweet little Evan reminded me of my precious Richard. He totally respected girls and wanted so bad to be good to them and nice and precious! His buddy, Seth, is such a pig. HAHAHAH It was hilarious!

Gym Rat

Our community wellness center here on campus is closed this week for cleaning or something. *shrug* I understand the need to spit shine the facilities before we break open a new semester, but an entire week seems excessive and harsh and makes for too long of a break workout-wise. Needless to say, the regulars (including myself) have indulged in loud, extended grumbling. Not wanting to ax my walk time, I wandered over to the old gym at lunch yesterday and felt like I had entered a parallel universe as so much sand has slipped through the hourglass since I've past through its P.E. doors. As I circled the recently waxed floors, I thought back to days long past. Years ago I had taken Line Dancing for a physical activity. Not thinking straight, I had selected the Early 8 class which meant perspiring profusely while I learned the intricate moves thanks to the sweltering temps of August. I still recall the embarrassment of feeling sweat trickle down my nose as I two-stepped with Scott. Back then the weight area was up the stairs in this long, narrow room. Many were the times I walked on the treadmill as my fellow buds and I either watched soaps or music videos. And years ago, in the hopes of boosting my metabolic rate, I started doing wind sprints in this very gym which resulted in a painful bone spur. After limping around for several months, it finally calmed down but I never again resorted to that dubious method.

When I worked for College Relations, I used to help out with our annual College Night as various colleges and military units cranked up their student wooing to full tilt boogie. The uniformed guys looked particularly dashing as they turned on their rugged charm. We always had a refreshment table set up for these various reps and the time I wore my lovely pink silk dress happened to be the occasion I bit into a cherry tomato which promptly spewed out of my mouth and all over the front of said frock. (Yes, the dry cleaners got the stain out!) Fortunately it was at the end of the evening when most were already homeward bound and my humiliation was kept to a bare minimum. Sure, the new center has state-of-the-art equipment and makes the gym routine easier and more accessible, but periodically it’s soothing and reassuring to revisit an ‘old friend.’ :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can't Judge a Book

A few weeks ago I had my annual fix of live, outdoor theatre when I caught Shakespeare in the Park’s rendition of Cyrano de Bergerac. Though technically not a penned by the Bard, it’s from the hand of Edmond Rostand, this comedy/drama came replete with colorful costumes and excellent acting and made for one lively, fun-filled evening. Once again, the locale of this literate outdoor troupe has changed and is now staged at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City. While this is truly a lovely setting complete with tiered seats, the constant sound of honking horns, ambulance sirens and landing jets, did try ones concentration. However, Mz Circe sat transfixed and spellbound while the tale of love and bravery wove around each audience member’s soul. We all remember witty Cyrano, don’t we?

Cyrano de Bergerac, guardsman and poet, is cursed with an enormous, bulbous, blossoming beak of a nose. To compensate for his fixed belief that no woman can ever love him on account of this affliction, he has made himself renowned in Paris for his personal bravery and charming verse. Cyrano's beautiful and wealthy cousin, Roxane, is much sought after. When Cyrano receives an urgent message from her, he is encouraged to believe she may actually love him. He finds, however, that she imagines herself in love with the handsome Christian, newly enlisted brother guardsman in Cyrano’s company, and wants Cyrano to bring them together. Putting aside his own love, Cyrano offers his powers of expression to Christian to assist in winning Roxane. Cyrano's eloquence in the many letters signed by Christian's name and the feeling in his voice as he declares his love under Roxane's balcony one dark night, bring about the marriage of Christian and Roxane just minutes before the company is ordered away to the siege of Arras. Though both men are at the front and in great peril, Roxane daily receives a letter signed by Christian. Irresistibly drawn by these letters, she dares to drive through enemy lines to reach her Christian's side. When Christian sees the power that another's letters have had over Roxane he suddenly realizes that it is Cyrano and not himself that she really loves. He insists that Cyrano tell her the truth and leaves the scene. Before Cyrano can divulge the secret, Christian is carried in mortally wounded. After Christian's death Roxane goes to live in a convent and for fifteen years Cyrano visits her there daily. Then one Saturday as he proceeds to his call, an enemy pushes a log from a window causing it to fall onto his head, breaking his skull. He hides his injury from Roxane, but begs to be allowed to read Christian's last letter which she carries always next to her heart. When in the gathering darkness Cyrano reads the letter all the way through as if knowing its contents by heart, Roxane realizes that Cyrano wrote the letters—she has found the soul she was in love with all along. Cyrano removes his hat, revealing his heavily bandaged head. Roxane exclaims that she loves him and that he cannot die.

As darkness enveloped the hushed gathering, Cyrano collapsed, gasping out his final utterance while his beloved Roxane bent over his dying form and gave voice to her belated grief and sorrow. Brimming tears spilled from our eyes as we too joined her in mourning the passing of her true love. *sigh*

Monday, August 13, 2007


okay... These are some of our vacation pictures. Random.... that's for sure! There are tons of stories to tell, but I can't get it all spilled out tonight so I'm just posting some of the pics to show us! :) I'll try to get more organized and do a better job later. I've got tons to show from Tulum and the beach!

This is me and my sis in the JEEP we rented to drive around the island.

Our pool (ocean in the background) at the resort.

Picture of our resort.

Our first rental car... POS. We rented the JEEP the next day. I can't believe they thought 5 of us would fit in this little squirrel cage! We did it... but not comfy.

Picture of Playa Del Carmen from the Ferry we took across to the mainland.

A HUGE a@# grasshopper that jumped on my sister during dinner at Senor Frogs. He caused a HUGE scene (she helped).

Me and my baby on the Ferry to Playa.

Apparently they were having a deep conversation.... and I wasn't paying attention.

One of the many pictures of our beach.

and...... I saw a lady who was way bigger preggers than me!!! hehehe

First of Many Nervous Breakdowns

OH MY GAWD!!!! This is such a devastating day for me. Here I am minding my own business... chatting with my buddy from Chaos College, checking on our friends on myspace, when I decided to check C's page (haven't checked it all summer).

OH MY GAWD!!!! Right there it was! A girl had posted a pic of her hugging my precious baby!!! She's hanging all over him! Loving up to him like ... I can't even explain it, its so upsetting.

My stomach hurts from even thinking about it.

I'll take him out of public school and homeschool him! The thought of some girl latching onto my baby boys just rips my heart out! They are so sweet!!!

I'm going to need counseling....

And I was having a good time trying to go through my vacation pictures... deciding on what ones to post and WHAMMO! Hit by the huggy girl! *crying hysterically*

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Baaaack!!!

Me-hee-coe is HOT! I don't mean 'omg, this oklahoma heat is sweltering' hot. I mean I was sitting on the Equator HOT at about 130 degrees temp. That was on a cool day! I'm glad to be back to our hot summery weather!

The trip was a blast though! I'm still editing pictures so I hope to get some out in a few days!