Monday, August 13, 2007

First of Many Nervous Breakdowns

OH MY GAWD!!!! This is such a devastating day for me. Here I am minding my own business... chatting with my buddy from Chaos College, checking on our friends on myspace, when I decided to check C's page (haven't checked it all summer).

OH MY GAWD!!!! Right there it was! A girl had posted a pic of her hugging my precious baby!!! She's hanging all over him! Loving up to him like ... I can't even explain it, its so upsetting.

My stomach hurts from even thinking about it.

I'll take him out of public school and homeschool him! The thought of some girl latching onto my baby boys just rips my heart out! They are so sweet!!!

I'm going to need counseling....

And I was having a good time trying to go through my vacation pictures... deciding on what ones to post and WHAMMO! Hit by the huggy girl! *crying hysterically*

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Burg said...

Just breathe, mom.. LOL