Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Penis's Have Personality

Richard scored us passes to the Premiere of Superbad, so last night we joined what seemed like 100's of others, to preview the good Superbad.

Security to get in the theatre was more than what we experience at the airport. One at a time (or a couple) they checked cell phones and if you had a recording device, they took your phone, tagged it, and placed it in a big pink bag for you to retrieve after the showing. They searched purses and then once you were past this point, they actually scanned you with a metal detector. We both passed :)

Rich and I anxiously awaited the start of the movie by munching on our popcorn and woofing down a diet coke (we were starving for some dinner!) It began.... penis and va-gay-gay conversations everywhere! This is not a movie for the children! Leave the innocent precious angels at home. It is definitely a movie for those with sick minds (like us) who love movies like Knocked Up, American Pie and Porky's (old school).

Sweet little Evan reminded me of my precious Richard. He totally respected girls and wanted so bad to be good to them and nice and precious! His buddy, Seth, is such a pig. HAHAHAH It was hilarious!


CruiserMel said...

I take it your's is a positive review then? I've been really hoping this was going to be good and I'm glad you thought it was. Sometimes silly humor is just what the doctor ordered. And how cool is that, that you guys got to see the sneak preview?

Angela said...

sounds fun

Kerry said...

It was fun to get to see the movie a few days before it was officially released. I liked it... cracked me up! I could sit through it again... so it must be pretty good ;)

I cant wait to hear what you think about it!