Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gym Rat

Our community wellness center here on campus is closed this week for cleaning or something. *shrug* I understand the need to spit shine the facilities before we break open a new semester, but an entire week seems excessive and harsh and makes for too long of a break workout-wise. Needless to say, the regulars (including myself) have indulged in loud, extended grumbling. Not wanting to ax my walk time, I wandered over to the old gym at lunch yesterday and felt like I had entered a parallel universe as so much sand has slipped through the hourglass since I've past through its P.E. doors. As I circled the recently waxed floors, I thought back to days long past. Years ago I had taken Line Dancing for a physical activity. Not thinking straight, I had selected the Early 8 class which meant perspiring profusely while I learned the intricate moves thanks to the sweltering temps of August. I still recall the embarrassment of feeling sweat trickle down my nose as I two-stepped with Scott. Back then the weight area was up the stairs in this long, narrow room. Many were the times I walked on the treadmill as my fellow buds and I either watched soaps or music videos. And years ago, in the hopes of boosting my metabolic rate, I started doing wind sprints in this very gym which resulted in a painful bone spur. After limping around for several months, it finally calmed down but I never again resorted to that dubious method.

When I worked for College Relations, I used to help out with our annual College Night as various colleges and military units cranked up their student wooing to full tilt boogie. The uniformed guys looked particularly dashing as they turned on their rugged charm. We always had a refreshment table set up for these various reps and the time I wore my lovely pink silk dress happened to be the occasion I bit into a cherry tomato which promptly spewed out of my mouth and all over the front of said frock. (Yes, the dry cleaners got the stain out!) Fortunately it was at the end of the evening when most were already homeward bound and my humiliation was kept to a bare minimum. Sure, the new center has state-of-the-art equipment and makes the gym routine easier and more accessible, but periodically it’s soothing and reassuring to revisit an ‘old friend.’ :)


CruiserMel said...

"full tilt boogie"....I think you and I are the only ones who use that phraseology. We obviously rock. Er, boogie.

Circe said...

CM--I love that phrase and try to work it in whenever I can! :) C and C sharing the pet phrases....