Saturday, August 26, 2006

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Heading east


Er-doesnt look good north

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Another shot. Reporting live...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Free Throw Friday

It has been awhile since I cataloged the fabulous quintet of sexy guys and striking gals, so to flourishingly finish off this hectic, whirlwind week I proudly present the victorious winners in the "Circe Circle of Cirens." *drumroll please*

Gorgeous Gals

No. 5: Sandra Bullock

She’s pretty and funny and I loved her in Miss Congeniality. And yes, I own both I and II on DVD.

No. 4: Drew Barrymore

She is more cute than beautiful but sexier than hell. She appeals to guys AND gals. Rwwrrr…. Loved her in "Ever After", "Never Been Kissed", "The Wedding Singer," and especially "Charlie’s Angels."

No. 3: Reese Witherspoon

Again, more cute than beautiful but her winning smile and sweet manner just makes for a knock-out combination. And of course I possess both "Pleasantville" and "Legally Blonde" I and II.

No. 2: Roselyn Sanchez

Talk about a smoldering ethnic beauty—whoa baby! I was mesmerized watching her in "Boat Trip", especially her sultry, erotic dancing in the cruise ship's nightclub. Smokin………. ;)

and retaining the coveted No. 1 slot: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Drop Dead Gorgeous. Michael Douglas should be thanking his lucky stars and popping that Viagra by the handful. ;) "Chicago" was ok, but watching lovely Ms. Zeta-Jones proved to be the magnetic drawing card.

Hottie Hunks

No. 5: Charlie Sheen

Yeah yeah, he wouldn’t make 'Model Husband of the Year' let alone 'Model Human Being,' but there is something about this fetching bad boy. You must admit he was pretty good in "Hotshots" and "The Chase".

No. 4: Stephen Colbert

Smart funnyman. Mr. Prep makes me want to rip those stodgy spectacles right off his chiseled face and have my way with him. And yes, I voted for that bridge in Hungary to bear his distinguished name. Colbert Nation rules!

No. 3: Conan O’Brien

Funny, playful and sexy. I just want to tousle his carrot-hued locks and throw him down on a fuzzy bear rug right there in front of his transfixed audience.

No. 2: Nick Lachey

I would be lying through my pearly whites if I admitted being familiar with his music but he’s got nice eyes, nice bod, nice everything….

And the All-Time No. 1 Knockout…Jon Stewart

He’s got it all—wit, charm, smarts, the best smirk and most expressive eyebrows in the media. Jon is hot, hot, HOT and I want to ravish him repeatedly until he begs for mercy. ;)

In conclusion, I am truly thrilled it’s finally Friday but I’m extremely sleepy today as silly me texted my preshus SD till the wee hours resulting in very little shut-eye. Yeah, he’s worth it…;) I think a fair, workable solution might be for each of us to move east and west respectively by one time zone resulting in synchronous harmony for this entangled duo. What say you, baby?

Me at desk this morning


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Redhawks vs Someone

I got Redhawks tickets today at work and so we headed out to the game tonight for Thirsty Thursday. It was H O T. Sultry, sticky, humid, so thick you could cut it with a knife HOT. We managed to make it to the game right as it was beginning... not our usual 2nd inning entry. However, we struggled to see it all thru to the end. We had to gracefully and all sticky sweaty slide out at the top of the 9th. As we drove past we caught a glimpse of the scoreboard and it appeared as if the Redhawks were still one run ahead... hope they pulled thru. Guess you can tell i'm a totally devoted fan. I love baseball... but it was hot!

Enchilada's Mini Me

You kids remember Enchilada? The cat that had her kittens in my garage?? Go to our other site and see pics and a little blip about the newest addition.

Color My World

ColorQuiz.comCirce took the free personality test!

"Takes easily and quickly to anything which provide..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

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Hahaha! Umm...ok

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This showed up in my office this week. And what does the sign proclaim?

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Me and my cloud pics

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's gettin hot in herrre

I don't think I shared this pic of me and Richard... I must share! This is one that we kind of posed ourselves for. The little photographer was setting up the camera and trying to get all squared away and I was jacking around... and just kind of propped myself on his shoulder. She liked the idea and snapped the photo. Its one of my favorites!

Go Guard

Back when I worked at the multinational conglomerate, I got acquainted with several security guards on the premises. One was “K” who was head of a reinforcement team brought in for extra protection. K was quite handsome and darn flirty. My friend Janet, a gorgeous, witty blonde, and I would saunter over from our building and meet him in the snack bar on breaks. Well-liked, outgoing and gregarious with mesmerizing blue eyes, K was putty in my unwitting hands. I discovered a noteworthy development through an ordinary conversation when he recounted a typical morning at ‘Security Central.’ Apparently each guy in their group had selected one particular gal who they considered their special female. From their distinctive mirrored window, Ms. Wonderful would be carefully observed as she made her way from the parking lot into her respective building and woe to wandering eyes of any other guy who had the audacity to make flirtatious, playful comments about his woman! (talk about jealously territorial...) Totally surprised to learn of this arrangement, I asked who liked Janet and he gave me the name of a guy I didn’t know. I then asked who his sweetie was and much to my surprise learned it was me! *shy smile*

Another cutie I got to know was “M” from the regular security dept. M was really young and strictly eye candy as search though I might, I found no substance behind the pretty face. I moved over to Chaos College and lost track of my uniformed men. I had heard through the grapevine that K had joined the police force and then later moved back to his home state of Louisiana. Occasionally I would see M’s name in the local rag in reference to some minor run-in with the police. Once I even read of some medical issue occurring at the fast food restaurant he was employed at but again, I hadn’t kept up with where life’s current had transported him. Until this past Sunday. I opened the thick edition of our paper to find his smiling face gazing up at me—from the obit page. His current town of residence (out-of-state), background, and listing of relatives were laced throughout the column but no mention was made of the cause of death. What had happened? Car accident? Disease? Jealous lover? I guess I will never know. Carefully I clipped the article. Farewell, security guy. Rest in peace... :(


I used to be a huge fan of Tom Cruise... I loved him, I really did. However here lately he's just been turning into this freak and especially since meeting Katie Holmes... and then when that baby thing happened. He just went off the deep end! They are weird!!! Well it appears as if the weirdness is bothering not only me, but the Top Guns at Paramount.... check it out!

On one side is the chairman of Viacom, Inc., which owns Paramount Pictures. On the other is the industry’s biggest and most bankable star, whose last seven films have each generated over $100 million.

Redstone said Tuesday that Paramount would sever its long and profitable relationship with Cruise/Wagner Productions, Cruise’s company with producing partner Paula Wagner. Redstone told the Wall Street Journal that Cruise’s
“recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.”

Before the Butt Crack of Dawn

I got a front row parking space today. Usually i'm dragging in at the last possible moment and I get stuck parking in BFE, but today i'm leaving really early, so I headed into the office really early... and i'm up front! It will shock everyone. In fact, when I can in Jay asked 'what is going on!?!?' I should probably write this down... doesn't happen very often.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It rolls off the tongue

Golly Wally! It's been a busy day!

I mean... week! I havent had a chance to even think about the site in the past two days. I had a meeting this morning with my area. I stayed up last night and typed up my list and made notes with each item. I had it all arranged in the order I wanted to address each item and when I finally got everyone in the conference room they all jabbered like a bunch of school girls until I finally got them settled down to listen. Its just me and ten men... *giggle*

We got thru each of my points of interest without incident and had conversation about each topic that was really productive. They put their two cents worth in... and I made notes... and we made it allllll the way to the end... then things went bad. In a good way though... but it was bad.

Someone made a comment about someone else's butt. The commentor didn't realize what he'd said... innocently. However, the rest of the room caught it, busted up laughing and the jokes rolled from there. For 15 minutes it was one Chris Rock/Eddie Murphy comment to another. Tears were rolling and bellies aching from laughter. We were cracking ourselves up... and just praying that HR couldnt hear a word we said.

I think the meeting ended on a good note. I ended it with 'remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'... and that applies to the conference room too!

Pandemonium Part Deux

Greetings Gang! Let’s see what can foul up, fall through or explode today, shall we? My pencils have wandered off to parts unknown, I have a blister on my foot from wearing cute but uncomfortable ruby sandals to last week’s orientation and I’ve never copied, faxed, or Fedexed so much in my life. As we edged closer to the start of the semester, the amount of useless, annoying spam increased proportionately and the spelling has gotten more inspired and resourceful so as to wiggle through the formidable guardian rules and filters. Here is an example I received yesterday with extra bonus points for creativity of this common spam term: ejacculatte. It looks attractive when typed and sounds like a frothy, new coffee concoction, doesn’t it? ;)

The’s 5 Updated "Peanuts" Specials

5. You're Just One Red-Haired Girl Rejection Away From Shooting up the School, Charlie Brown!

4. Your Beagle Is Roadkill, Charlie Brown!

3. Woodstock Meets the Window of Doom

2. Sue That Football-Yankin' Bitch, Charlie Brown!

1. It's the Great Satan, Saddam Brown!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Keys Run Amok

Chaos reigns supreme in Circeland as one might expect. Adding to the hectic first day turmoil was losing my GP key. After frantic requests for assistance, it was found cowering in some dusty, remote corner of the neighboring structure undergoing renovation. I hate it when devices run amok and try to escape!

Much more has happened, I’m experiencing the mother of all headaches and I have no time to expand on this precarious predicament but tomorrow is another day and I’ll try to play catch-up manana.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

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My new tshirt addition. Mickey is so cute!

The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

We saw that movie and its a hoot. Go here, and you can race!

This past friday night we met my friend Becky at the State Fair Speedway to watch the Pro Stocks, Factory Stocks, Super Sprints and Champ Sprint cars. We sat for over four hours. It was hot. No, wait... it was flippin hot with NO breeze whatsoever and even though we were protected from the sun (races start at 7:30pm), it made no difference because the humidity was thick enough you could cut it with a knife. I wore as little clothing as possible and still that was too much. We all just sat there watching the cars go round and round... all without much movement because each time we shifted in our seats that caused our body temperatures to rise thus creating more heat around us. We did happen to sit, conveniently enough, to the liquid refreshment stand :)

The track was dirt track which is sprayed with water before the races begin, but towards the end of the racing the dirt has dried out and is flung up in the air by the cars... creating a nice dust storm for the spectators. The rubber from the tires had created some sort of slickness on the track too... it looked like that 'black ice' that we experience during the winter months from water being on the road and it freezes into that dangerously slick stuff. As the night wears on, i'm not sure if the drivers get tired and are anxious for the races to end, or if the driving conditions progressively get worse with each lap, but they increasingly wreck and stall out. The last race, which should have taken about ten minutes, took about 40 I think. One of the collisions took about 10 mintues to clean up... the cars couldnt be unhooked from one another so they had to drag the whole mess off the track in one giant piece. They started the race again and within minutes... a yellow light and someone else had a mishap. I love to go watch the races but it certainly get tiring when you're trying to watch and it really never gets anywhere because of all the stopping due to wrecks or other little issues.

Anyways... made me think of Ricky Bobby. hahaha