Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Go Guard

Back when I worked at the multinational conglomerate, I got acquainted with several security guards on the premises. One was “K” who was head of a reinforcement team brought in for extra protection. K was quite handsome and darn flirty. My friend Janet, a gorgeous, witty blonde, and I would saunter over from our building and meet him in the snack bar on breaks. Well-liked, outgoing and gregarious with mesmerizing blue eyes, K was putty in my unwitting hands. I discovered a noteworthy development through an ordinary conversation when he recounted a typical morning at ‘Security Central.’ Apparently each guy in their group had selected one particular gal who they considered their special female. From their distinctive mirrored window, Ms. Wonderful would be carefully observed as she made her way from the parking lot into her respective building and woe to wandering eyes of any other guy who had the audacity to make flirtatious, playful comments about his woman! (talk about jealously territorial...) Totally surprised to learn of this arrangement, I asked who liked Janet and he gave me the name of a guy I didn’t know. I then asked who his sweetie was and much to my surprise learned it was me! *shy smile*

Another cutie I got to know was “M” from the regular security dept. M was really young and strictly eye candy as search though I might, I found no substance behind the pretty face. I moved over to Chaos College and lost track of my uniformed men. I had heard through the grapevine that K had joined the police force and then later moved back to his home state of Louisiana. Occasionally I would see M’s name in the local rag in reference to some minor run-in with the police. Once I even read of some medical issue occurring at the fast food restaurant he was employed at but again, I hadn’t kept up with where life’s current had transported him. Until this past Sunday. I opened the thick edition of our paper to find his smiling face gazing up at me—from the obit page. His current town of residence (out-of-state), background, and listing of relatives were laced throughout the column but no mention was made of the cause of death. What had happened? Car accident? Disease? Jealous lover? I guess I will never know. Carefully I clipped the article. Farewell, security guy. Rest in peace... :(

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