Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pandemonium Part Deux

Greetings Gang! Let’s see what can foul up, fall through or explode today, shall we? My pencils have wandered off to parts unknown, I have a blister on my foot from wearing cute but uncomfortable ruby sandals to last week’s orientation and I’ve never copied, faxed, or Fedexed so much in my life. As we edged closer to the start of the semester, the amount of useless, annoying spam increased proportionately and the spelling has gotten more inspired and resourceful so as to wiggle through the formidable guardian rules and filters. Here is an example I received yesterday with extra bonus points for creativity of this common spam term: ejacculatte. It looks attractive when typed and sounds like a frothy, new coffee concoction, doesn’t it? ;)

The Topfive.com’s 5 Updated "Peanuts" Specials

5. You're Just One Red-Haired Girl Rejection Away From Shooting up the School, Charlie Brown!

4. Your Beagle Is Roadkill, Charlie Brown!

3. Woodstock Meets the Window of Doom

2. Sue That Football-Yankin' Bitch, Charlie Brown!

1. It's the Great Satan, Saddam Brown!


thephoenixnyc said...


"Pigpen gets removed from his family by Family Services: Charlei Brown"

Wombat said...


Puts an interesting spin on the idea of a BARista now doesn't it?