Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Before the Butt Crack of Dawn

I got a front row parking space today. Usually i'm dragging in at the last possible moment and I get stuck parking in BFE, but today i'm leaving really early, so I headed into the office really early... and i'm up front! It will shock everyone. In fact, when I can in Jay asked 'what is going on!?!?' I should probably write this down... doesn't happen very often.


Grant said...

Whenever I work the holidays and get one of the good spots, I'm always tempted to just abandon my car and buy a new one or take taxis so I'll never lose the space again.

Kerry said...

yeah.. park your car in the good spot and ride a scooter to work. Get the kind you can fold up and throw over your shoulder and store in your office closet :)

Bone said...

I've heard in New York, people have to die before they move their cars.

I've always been a last-one-in kind of guy. I'd rather walk a mile than get up early.